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Ferrari driver racked up 48 licence points

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 16 May 2014

A DRIVER who clocked up to 48 points on his driving licence has been fined more than £1,300 by Oldham magisrates for making false statements to obtain insurance.

Abdul Salam, of Dearnalay Way, Oldham, declared that he had a full UK licence when applying for insurance to drive his Ferrari in February 2012 - despite his licence being revoked in September 2009.

Salam (31) was found to be driving on the invalid insurance when he was pulled over by a police officer who spotted him not wearing a seatbelt.

Officers checked his licence and found he had 48 points endorsed on it - though during the investigation the points total varied: some records showed only 27 points.

Self-employed businessman Salam claimed he didn’t know about the penalty points or that his licence had been revoked when he applied for insurance, but pleaded guilty to making false statements.

Jonathan Holt, defending, argued that Salam had not meant to mislead and, while the statements were false, he did not know them to be false when he made them. The law makes no distinctions about knowledge of the offence: a defendant can be guilty without realising it.

The insurance, from the Policy Shop, cost Salam £1,800 in February 2012. Salam’s car was later seized by Greater Manchester Police; Salam paid more than £13,000 to reclaim it.

The defendant, who had been banned from driving for two years in a separate case in February 2013, was fined £875 and ordered to pay costs of £487 - a total of £1,362.

A DVLA spokeswoman said it is up to the courts to decide when a driver is disqualified. by virtue of the number of points accrued.

A man from Liverpool had been allowed to continue driving despite clocking up 45 points on his licence, and an Oldham motorist was joint 12th from driving after amassing 27 points.


Drivers like this need to be banned for life. And then if they are caught driving again they should be locked away for 12 months.

Draconian? Probably, but better than him killing an innocent bystander with his sheer disregard for his fellow motorist.

He didnt mean to mislead but told his insurers A PACK OF LIES, he looks gutted in the photo, laughing his way home. I bet you he will be driving again soon.


31 year old and driving a Ferrari.

"Self employed businessman". Wonder what the self-employment is.

lock him up.

Licence revoked in 2009, banned for 2 years in 2013, 48 points (doesn't say what for but that's approx. 16 offences based on 3 points per offence). Mr Salam has shown himself to be a consistently bad driver. Surely a further ban & a re-test would be in order, if only to protect other road users?

Sounds like an episode of Jackanory.

People with those amounts of points should be in jail not on the streets , how long before they kill someone ? Come on Judges get your heads out of the sand and hand out proper sentences .

Time the courts hammered people who deliberately flout the law and have the cheek to plead ignorance when the evidence is overwhelming.

@ Broadsword - Lots of money, blatant disregard for the public, false statements , an ability to lie without realising it and you ask what job he has? He must be a politician.

Unbelievable!.....This idiot should not be able to drive again for at least 10years and even then have to sit a retest first.....and jailed for at least 2 years...that will give him time to reflect.

Just reading all the above comments. All I can say is some of you are so stereotypical its unbelievable! I know this chap, yes his stupidity may have earned him points on his licence and who hasnt told a fib when insuring your car. But dont judge if you dont know what he does for a living. He has made a success out of selling car finance legitimately and some of your brokers have probably gone through him.
He's been to court, Paid his fines. Done.

"and who hasnt told a fib when insuring your car."

Me for one! You're asking us not to judge him whilst judging us by your own low standards!
The contract in insurance is 'Uberrima fides' In the utmost good faith. If you are found to have told a lie then the contract is void and you have no insurance. Great when you save a few pounds, not so great when you come to claim and find that you're thousands of pounds out of pocket.

He's been to court, paid his fines. Done. Fair enough. Give us his company name because I am sure I would not like to deal with such an untrustworthy individual. Let's see if he manages to keep his business if people know he owns it. He is dangerous and should not be on the road!!!

Bobby?.. Its not a fib its a blatant disregard for the law of this land and a total disregard for the safety of others He was banned for a reason and I will stereotype him as much as I want to.


Banned for 5 years. Sell the car, proceeds go to a charity such as road peace.

Wonder what will happen to that 13k???

@bobby99 - it takes one to know one!
@flake - me too

So Bobby 99 we can all assume you continually lie in your car insurance renewal. If this guy can claim he was'nt aware he had 48 points on his licence how was he intelligent enough to sell car finance. To certain people the truth is stranger than fiction. Lock him up for a few years and make sure he is off the roads. I can't believe how any solicitor could even manage to come up with a defence.

Ha! Ok Guys, You all got the wrong end of the stick. Apologies if I did not make myself clear. Regarding his personal life or the points and whether he knew about them or not, I dont know I am not condoning his actions. My response was to "Self employed businessman" .. Implying that he is dealing drugs or something illegal, which is far from it and totally unfair.
Regarding telling a Fib, It was tongue and cheek, dont all take it literally for gods sake.


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