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Lords honour for ambassador Sue

Reporter: ALEX CAREY
Date online: 21 May 2014

AN Oldham headteacher has been recognised by the House of Lords for her efforts to improve the lives of vulnerable pupils and those with special educational needs.

Sue Callaghan, from Christ Church C of E Primary School, Denshaw, is one of 18 heads to be appointed to the Achievement for All Ambassador role (3As).

The Achievement for All is a new national team of heads who will share their knowledge with others and improve the attainment of pupils.

She said: “I am delighted to be appointed. I’m very excited to have the role — it is an opportunity to share with other schools approaches making a real difference to the attainment of disadvantaged and vulnerable children.”

Lord Addington hosted a special Westminster rception for the group, attended by Children and Families Minister Edward Timpson and senior education figures.

The Achievement for All 3As currently work with more than 2,000 schools around the country to develop and support strong leadership, encourage more rigorous tracking of pupil progress, supporting good teaching and removing barriers to children’s learning.

Professor Sonia Blandford, chief executive and founder of the Achievement for All 3As charity, said strong school leadership is at the heart of the programme’s success.

“Through the example of heads like Sue, we hope other schools will take notice of the quiet revolution happening in schools throughout the country.”


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