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Escaped prisoner due in court

Date published: 21 May 2014

CONVICTED murderer Arnold Pickering will appear at Liverpool Crown Court next month, charged with escaping from prison.

Pickering (44), of Chadderton, absconded from HMP Kennett, Maghull, after visiting Liverpool on Saturday with fellow inmate Thomas Moffett (51).

Pickering was at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court yesterday to face his charges and will remain in custody until his crown court appearance on June 3.

Pickering, serving a life sentence for the murder of Thomas Leigh (53), was arrested at a house in Oldham on Monday morning.

The incident led police and crime commissioner Tony Lloyd to demand proper answers from prison chiefs as this was Pickering’s third escape from custody. Justice minister Chris Grayling has also launched an inquiry into the decision to grant Pickering day release.


Lock him up and throw away the key .

Why have a court case? Any prisoner escaping should have the remainder of their sentance automatically doubled, no court case needed!


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