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Downfall of drug dealer in debt

Date published: 22 May 2014

AN addict caught with hard drugs at his Chadderton home claimed he had been under pressure to pay off huge debts.

Kyle Durkin (23), who had had a settled lifestyle, a job, a partner and a young child, said he had no choice but to sell cocaine and other drugs to get himself out of financial trouble.

Jailing him for three years at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court, Judge Peter Lakin told him: “Class-A drugs lead to misery and addiction; you know this better than anyone.”

Police raided Durkin’s home at the end of November and found a list of customers, a mobile phone with customer messages and 30 snap-bags of cocaine, seized from his car. The drugs were worth around £1,900.

Steven Sullivan, defending, said: “He comes from a loving and supportive family, had a settled lifestyle, a partner and was in employment, which he lost because of the effects drugs were having on him. Having lost the ability to fund his habit as he had been doing, he got himself into debt.

“Drugs have clearly been his downfall. He had everything to live for beforehand.”

Durkin admitted possessing drugs with intent to supply cocaine with intent to supply, possession of MDMA with intent, and possession of cannabis with intent.


No sympathy what so ever. Everyone who gets caught has a sob story to tell. Selling drugs is pure nasty, even the dealers don’t know what they are selling, that’s why people die, not necessarily from the cocaine but from also what’s mixed with it. It’s a definite jail term this, he is a danger to society and needs to be removed.

I have no choice but to work to pay for all my financial responsibilities - gas/electric/water/council tax/food etc. such a shame

I believe that in the case of people convicted of dealing drugs, they should be held until they reveal the source they are buying from, and only after that should their sentence commence.
Also his term should be shortened if he is prepared to go into schools to talk about what happened to him as a warning to others.
The whole point of taking drugs is that they make you feel good, but the misery sets in with the inevitable addiction, when they have to take them.


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