Alex cashes in on car thief’s good driving!

Date published: 22 May 2014

A TEENAGER was devastated when his car was stolen — until he found the smooth-driving thief had helped him reduce his car insurance!

Alex Cooper (17) from Moorside was happy to hear his Vauxhall Corsa had been recovered with little more than a broken window within hours of the theft, thanks to a GPS tracker.

But then came the good news: the thief had racked up an impressive driving score on the black box device fitted by his insurance company.

The device monitors the driver’s performance, with smooth and responsible driving rewards.

The crook scored a perfect 10 on the device when Alex had otherwise managed no more than an eight. Better still, Alex will keep the perfect score, which will contribute to his rewards for the year.

The black box was fitted by Alex’s insurer, Carrot, and works by calculating the driver’s speed, acceleration, smoothness and usage, which it turns into a driving style score for each journey.

Policyholders can monitor their progress online.

Alex said: “My heart sank until I found out the Carrot box had picked up the car’s location. We had it back within three hours.”