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Probe launched into poll leaflet

Date published: 22 May 2014

UKIP has launched an investigation into a controversial leaflet written by one of its Oldham candidates.

Joe Fitzpatrick, who is standing for election in St James ward, published a UKIP leaflet for Alexandra ward candidate Dave Carter featuring a seven-point plan on how to win an election.

The plan seemingly encourages voters to impersonate friends or relatives to get extra votes at polling stations, collect unused postal votes from family and friends and steal or swap postal votes.

Mr Fitzpatrick, who left the Labour party two years ago after the high-profile court case that led to former MP Phil Woolas being ousted from his Oldham East and Saddleworth seat, claims Labour and Lib Dems already carry out underhand voting tactics.

Oldham Council has reported the material to both police and the Electoral Commission and UKIP has distanced itself from the leaflet.

A UKIP spokesman said: “We have not, nor would, approve such literature and we are investigating the matter thoroughly followed by disciplinary process. The party does not endorse negative campaigning or inciting criminal behaviour.”


I wonder if a probe will be launched into the folding of ballot papers very neatly along the line at the bottom, thus hiding the box for UKIP.
Even the biased BBC is carrying the story with reports of illegal practice in Carlisle, York, Hampshire and Dartford, Yorkshire and the Humber region.
It would be difficult to believe that this wasn't an orchestrated attempt to make voting for UKIP more difficult.

I don't condone any party stooping to such underhand tactics but as I remember there was more than a strong suspicion of postal voting fraud in the last council elections which came from certain areas of Oldham and was of benefit to one of the main parties. Postal voting should be consigned to history and a safer way found to help people who find it difficult to attend polling stations.

Why does this remind me of the NHS whistleblower? Oh yes, I remember now, the Labour Party attacked the person revealing the crime rather than tackling the crime itself.

@Flake - my god Flake, where does this stuff come from? You are suggesting that independent poll clerks across the country have been secretly trained to fold a ballot paper in a certain why to hide the UKIP box? Who trained them, maybe it was the second gun man who shot JFK?? Don't know how you believe the drivel you come out with. If you go to vote knowing you want to vote UKIP then surely you know there is a UKIP box somewhere on the paper

How shocking is this! SURELY things like this plan don't happen in our wonderfully inclusive country. Do they?


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