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Offence taken..

Date online: 23 May 2014

AN after-school children’s club has been told to remove an “industrial style” fence after the council ruled it breached residential planning conditions.

Big Stars Play Club, on Broadway, Chadderton, put up the metal fencing around a car park to create a safe area so children could play outdoors.

A neighbour complained the design didn’t fit with the residential style of the area and didn’t comply with conditions set in the planning permission.

But the club, which caters for 30-40 children before and after school believes the fence erected is necessary for safety an doesn’t want to change it.

Part-owner Cathy Stryczek said: “I am unbelievably angry at how we have been treated. A neighbour complained and since then we have been threatened with action. We have tried to contact the planning office on many occasions to see where we stand but we haven’t heard anything back.”

The club moved to Broadway last year and is run by Cathy’s daughter Claire, on the floor above Cathy’s cake shop. The pair applied for planning permission to use the car park as a children’s playground.

Permission was granted with conditions about the type of fence that could be used. The club later erected “more secure” fencing.

“If we take down the fencing and replace it with what the council has approved, the children and the centre will not be as secure or safe,” said Cathy. “But if we don’t take it down, we could eventually face legal action.

“I cannot believe the council is behaving like this when the safety of children is concerned.”

Elaine McLean, Oldham Council’s executive director for neighbourhoods, said “Fencing and a gate are of an industrial design and out of keeping with the residential character of the area.

“A letter was sent to the owner requesting necessary steps to resolve the issues.”


It looks ok to me it doesn't look like an eyesore, how about the alley gates the council put up in some areas they don't exactly look nice either, no matter what you do somebody will always complain as they have nothing better to do.

This is stupid, does it matter about the fencing as long as its clean and safe.
would rather look at a fence like that than have kids running around in road......

use common sence

So they got planning permission for one type of fence, they ignored it and put something they DIDN'T have permission for up instead and are now whinging and whining making pathetic excuses falling back on the emotional tug "THINK OF THE CHILDREN AND THEIR SAFETY" scaremongering lie.


Put up what you have been permitted not what ever you feel like.

Just overclad it with timber / bamboo screening, something like that, simples! Think the neighbour should have a good look around them though, it's not exactly the Lake District around there. There's a ramshackled pre-fab club just up the road surrounded by industral fencing. Some people beggar belief.


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