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Checkmate for smuggler in drugs sting

Date published: 23 May 2014

A 31-year-old Oldham man has been jailed for smuggling £550,000 of 1.6 kilos of pure heroin into the country, inside chessboards from Pakistan.

Syed Naveed Shabir of Coppice Street was jailed for nine years after an undercover operation by the National Crime Agency.

The parcel was intercepted in September 2012 by the UK Border Force. It was addressed to a Mr S Ahmed at a house in Gainsborough Avenue, Coppice. The name was fictitious but the address real.

Officers passed on a dummy package, delivered by a NCA officer. He got no answer but left a card referring him to a monitored line - later called from Shabir’s number, though Manchester Crown Court heard the parcel was actually received by another man, Khazar Hussain, who signed himself Sataroz Ahmed.

Hussain accused Shabir of setting him up and was cleared of all charges.

In 2011, Shabir, with Milad Finn and Liaquat Khan, was cleared of the gangland killing of 21-year-old Junaid Khan.


Yet another Asian dealer caught and given a paltry sentence. He will be out in less than 4.5 years, and if the figures given are correct there is no way he could make that much money if he'd been free.
So no doubt when he is released he'll be straight back to it because the rewards are so great, and it will take some time to be caught again.
Why is there no mention of a seizure order? No doubt all the proceeds are in Pakistan where courts can't get at it.

What a fine example of a model citizen. No doubt he will have paid his taxes on the earnings from his work.


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