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Battye shock at local elections

Date published: 23 May 2014

LABOUR improved their hold on Oldham Council by two seats but lost veteran John Battye as Warren Bates became the first UKIP councillor in the borough. And UKIP doubled that success when Saddleworth East and Lees was claimed by Peter Klonowski.

And the issue of Saddleworth School saw Alan Roughley ousted by the iIndependent candidate. Overall Labour now have 45 seats, Lib-Dems 10, Conservatives 2, UKIP 2 and Independents 1.

See Monday's Chronicle for all the reaction to the results.


14,000 Oldhamers voted for UKIP. Will the political elite now start to reflect the will of the people or continue to dismiss us as bigots?

Warren Bates: should make for some colourful debates in the council chamber. Don't share his politics, but what a character.

I have heard Warren Bates speak at public meetings before. I think he will make council meetings a lot more entertaining. Cllr Roughley has got his just desserts, supporting a school site that very few people want, except for those that will make from the proposed move. I bet he thought the Liberal vote would blindly follow him.

If instead of constantly emitting the meaningless bully word which has plainly lost all power, opponents had concentrated on attacking UKIPs policies then they might have got somewhere.
But then the Fascist left have long lost the ability to form a cogent argument, finding it so much easier to shout people down and emit the bully word, silencing opposition.
Well this time it didn't work. The people have seen the bullies for what they are, and voiced their disapproval.
That's why UKIP succeeded.

This is what happens when people treat elections as as joke and vote as the national media cajoles them. Good luck getting your UKIP councillor to deal with your potholes, your street lighting, your LOCAL issues. This group are the latest novelty act promising little and delivering less. Just like their nastier parent, the BNP, they will fade away once people see just how interested they are in your non xenophobic other issues.

Well done Cllr Bates - let them try and stop you asking pertinent questions now or ignoring your emails asking questions they don't want to answer. Think this proves that some Failsworth West residents have had enough of the McMahon Labour vice-like grip in the borough. 2015 will bring more UKIP Cllrs to Oldham - 2 wins and 2nd in most other wards this time with Chadderton South needing a recount and UKIP losing by just 12 votes. The UKIP earthquake tremors will continue to future elections.

Its curtains for Shaw - the Labour regime will spend even less on the area now its majority has increased & the local voters rejected socialism again.

Swatch UKIP councillors were the best attendees for council meetings in nationwide stats ahead of all 3 main parties. So you're another one who needs to go away and stop slandering them, with baseless rubbish.

UKIP, and by that I mean Farage, for it is in reality a one-man band, is good at voicing people's concerns but then it has no achievable policies in order to address those worries. This is just like the LibDems before they went in to the Coalition. When in opposition, you can say and promise what you want, then you crash into reality.

Well said Dibble Mr Roughly thought he was in a safe seat and could ride over the people Well the people have shown he cant

Lets not forget that UKIP have no control of any councils in the country and would barely have received enough votes in a general election to get many, if any, MPs. Pretty sure Joe Fitzpatrick said they would win 10 seats in this election. Hardly the resounding earthquake we were promised


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