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Lib-Dems have ‘just not listened’

Date published: 26 May 2014

INDEPENDENT candidate Nikki Kirkham is celebrating a landslide victory in Saddleworth North.

Delighted Nikki (40), from Delph, claimed 1,147 votes — ousting veteran Liberal-Democrat councillor Alan Roughley, second with 669 votes.

Nikki, who has been an independent Saddleworth parish councillor for three years, said: “The people of Saddleworth have spoken: it’s time for change.”

She pointed to the bitter controversy surrounding the new £17million Saddleworth School as the tipping point.

“The people of Diggle want the secondary school to be rebuilt at its existing site in Uppermill. They don’t want the new school in their village. We won in Diggle because of this issue. The Lib-Dems have just not listened to the people.”

Fellow independent parish councillor Mike Buckley left the Lib-Dems after they backed Oldham’s move to build the school in Diggle.

Councillor Buckley, who served on Oldham Council for eight years, said the independents were in the early stages of registering The Saddleworth Independent Party.

He said: “We want to establish it as a proper political party. I feel we are entering exciting times with opportunities opening up for us.”

In Saddleworth South, Councillor John McCann (66) retained his seat, winning with 967 votes for the Liberal Democrats.

UKIP’s Peter Klonowski claimed victory in Saddleworth West and Lees after Lib-Dem councillor Barbara Beeley stood down.

He claimed 917 votes, with Lib-Dem Robert Allsopp taking 778 and Labour’s Stephen Gordon third with 733.


You can dress it up however you wish but this was a single issue campaign based on selfishness which will always win in a secret ballot. Unfortunately, children from within and without the local area will loose out while their education is damaged by a bunch of self interested NIMBYs who don't care a damn about others, and are even now planning simply to delay the school as long as possible. The school will be built in Diggle. Get over it.

Good to see an "Independent" getting in.....voting in Council for what she believes is right for her constituents , not what her party tells her to vote for.......

Well done Nikki, the school debate is a farce on every conceivable level, Diggle does not want or need nor can it accomodate a school of this size, Uppermill/Saddleworth does not want or need, nor can it accomodate more houses, simple as that! No consultation, no common sense! Thats not to mention the greenbelt, rspb, access, flood plain, planning permission problems. KEEP THE SCHOOL IN UPPERMILL!
Well done Diggle and the Saddleworth North electorate!
Uppermill Resident.

It's a slight case of closing the stable door once the horse has bolted.


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