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‘Some people have sent a message’

Date published: 26 May 2014

THE Liberal Democrats endured a disastrous election after losing four seats on Oldham Council.

The party retained three seats but is now down from 14 to 10. The Lib-Dems lost seats in Saddleworth North to an Independent, Saddleworth West and Lees to UKIP and St James and Waterhead to Labour. They came in last place in Failsworth East and West, with 24 and 29 respectively.

Downhearted Lib-Dem leader Howard Sykes said: “A certain set of people were attracted to vote for UKIP. There’s clearly an anti-European sentiment some people will want to send a message about. We have defended three seats. I’m sorry to lose Alan Roughley to the Independent candidate, which was all about the new school.”

Councillor Rod Blyth retained his Shaw seat with 1,106 votes. Lib-Dem Dave Murphy won in Crompton with 889 votes, although it was a close contest, with UKIP getting 742 votes and Labour 697.


Maybe the Lib Dems will start to listen to its voters rather that just doing what they want all the time & ignoring the consequences of their actions, i am not surprised this has happened i knew it would happened & now the Lib Dems have thrown themselves right back into the 1980's, they are now a waste of a vote again.

As the Tories have moved to the centre left, UKIP have replaced them as the party of the centre right. This means there is no place for the Lib Dems, thus the wipe out.
Unless the Tories move their party back whence it came, they will become the third party which the Lib Dems once were, and the two main parties UKIP and Labour.

The price you pay for not listening to the people. Good riddance.

@ Flake.
If you think the Tories are a party of the centre left you must struggle putting your shoes on in the morning.

Nonsense Flake. UKIP have no control over any Councils and if same results were mirrored in general election would have less than 10 MPs. Hardly the second party are they??

It's a shame people can't be bothered to actually think about what they are voting for.

UKIP want a flat tax in which the top 12% pay LESS tax and the bottom 88% pay MORE tax.

They want to charge for visiting your GP.

They want to privatise the NHS.

They want to ramp up polluting that little thing you need to LIVE,the atmosphere!

It's funny people keep going on about tuition fees "betrayal" while forgetting Labour introduced them while LYING they would not and "would legislate against them"

The Lib Dems ceased to exist the minute they threw their hat in with the tories , they only have themselves to blame for this .

OldhamWatcher do you have any evidence to back up your claims regarding UKIP policies?
One minute they are accused of being a one trick pony, the next they are accused of having no policies.Then they are accused of wanting to privatise the NHS and "ramp up pollution'. By ramping up pollution do you mean they don't fall fro the windmill scam? That suits me.
Like all the other parties they currently don't have a 2015 manifesto. So I for one would like to know the source of your information.

Perhaps anotherbob it's been so long since we had a centre right government you've forgotten?
A government which enacts gay marriage would not be regarded as centre right, nor one which gives £51 Billion away to foreign countries at a time of austerity.
550,000 immigrants were allowed into the UK last double the amount allowed in the whole of the Thatcher/Major governments.
Political Correctness has continued unabated, as have many Labour policies - certainly not right of centre.

two main subject matters affect so many things in day to day life.
benefits and immigration.

too many of both have put so many services at breaking point.
the nhs is at risk. not really because of cuts but more because its overworked. labour did nothing to improve it in its time in power. other than its usual "non" jobs in senior staff. the only thing labour was any good at.

schools, public services and housing all struggling too because of both.

cut both and lets see if things improve!


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