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UKIP the ‘only party of hope’

Date published: 26 May 2014

THE shock announcement of UKIP candidate Warren Bates’ victory in Failsworth West was greeted by a mixture of cheers and boos.

Councillor Bates received 1,120 votes, ousting one of Labour’s longest-standing councillors, John Battye, second with 988 votes. The former mayor and council leader had represented Failsworth for 24 years.

Retired public sector worker Councillor Bates said it felt “wonderful” to win. He said his priorities were to abolish the police and crime commissioners and to defend pensioners’ bus passes and winter fuel allowance.

He said: “Failsworth comes first and foremost. I will not let the people down. I will get this town back up and moving.”

When asked about the perception of UKIP being a racist party, he replied: “I wouldn’t be in UKIP if it were a racist party. UKIP is the only party of hope.”

In Saddleworth West and Lees, a Liberal-Democrat seat, UKIP candidate Peter Klonowski came in first place with 917 votes.

The party came in second place in most of the wards, fulfilling its promise to make waves.

There was a recount in Chadderton South, with Labour’s Joy Wrigglesworth narrowly beating UKIP by 12 votes, thereby retaining her seat. Joe Fitzpatrick, who was standing for election in St James, said he will challenge Labour’s Angela Cosgrove, who won a seat in the ward.

He added: “We have done fantastically well. We’ve got a good foundation now.”


A good and decent man loses his seat.it's all down to McMahon.
the arrogance,and the demeaning of people who dare to say anything about Oldham.We pay your wages.if you don't like the heat get out of the kitchen.we are not North Korea.it's arrogant leaders of the labour party who have ignored the decent people.those working clasa voters,decades voting labour will not be treated like dirt.

UKIP, to its eternal shame, has successfully reduced the complexities of the anti-EU debate, to a carnival of narrow-minded bigotry and intolerance.

At last , a glimmer of hope for the future . Well done UKIP.

The Racist name calling of UKIP is typical mud slinging by the fearful 3 and their supporters. So many highly selective stats thrown at them and racists attacks. FIVE labour councillors resigned from the party in middlesbrough over racism, and moral bankruptcy, with no fuss or attacks made on labour in the mainstream press

Shaun McGrath doing exactly what the politicians who fear UKIP have doe. Being anti EU & desiring control over immigration is not bigoted or intolerant.
Perhaps you would care to check out how Poles feel about the Chinese & Vietnamese who have flooded into the vacuum left there by all those in the UK?

John Battye, a good and decent man ???

Try telling that the all the Oldham RL supporters who he promised a new ground to when he engineered the closure of Watersheddingds and then never delivered his promise.

Good riddance !

Irrespective of people saying UKIP are racist, the fact is that more and more people are now voting for them. If that is the will of the people then so be it !

@ecco fatto - do you watch the national news? UKIP did well in most local elections against all parties, nothing to do with Jim McMahon. There is a national movement of people voting UKIP and it's to do with disillusionment with all parties and the EU. I am no longer shocked at how people on here can find any way to blame everything on Jim McMahon. Can't be doing too bad though can he because Labour increased their majority on the Council

this is a result of years and years of political ignorance to the majority christians, who have been gagged from voicing concerns about immigration under the pretext of being a racist.well well well the cat is truly out of the bag now maybe Gordon brown should of actually listened to the pensioner from Rochdale..her views where the views of many disgruntled working class folk

Shaun, have you learned nothing over the last few days? Name calling and playing the bigot/racist card is the last desperate call of a lost argument.

I have never had a vote for the EU, yet their unelected Bureaucrats dictate my life. I want my say and its nothing to do with race or bigotry.

You are effectively calling every country outside the EU racists since they have controlled, as opposed to uncontrolled mass immigration, which is all people in this country want.

It is interesting to note that Mr. Bates' three priorities are nothing at all to do with the council. This shows a basic lack of knowledge of government, both national and local.

All the infantile name calling by the media and opposition towards UKIP leading up to the local and Euro elections was a fillip not a damnation although Shaun is still a voice crying in the wilderness. In true playground style UKIP and their supporters can say to them all...YA BOO!,we got you at playtime!.


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