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UKIP hooray!

Reporter: Richard Hooton
Date online: 26 May 2014

UKIP says it now has a foundation to build on after gaining the party’s first-ever seats on Oldham Council and dominating the European elections.

Labour strengthened its grip on Oldham Council by winning 15 seats to increase its majority over the Lib-Dems to 35. The opposition held only three of its seven seats, leaving only 10 councillors.

But it was UKIP who created history in the borough with community activist Warren Bates springing a surprise to beat former Oldham Labour leader John Battye in Failsworth West.

He was followed by Peter Klonowski, who took the Saddleworth West and Lees ward from the Lib-Dems to give UKIP two seats in the council chamber.

Councillor Bates said: “I will get this town back up and moving” and claimed “UKIP is the only party of hope.”

UKIP just missed out on more success when Stephen Connor lost by 12 votes to Labour’s Joy Wrigglesworth in Chadderton South.

Following a major offensive by the controversial anti-Europe party, UKIP gained votes across the borough to come second in several wards. Controversial candidate Joe Fitzpatrick, who left Labour for UKIP and was involved in a row over an election leaflet, came third in St James where both seats were taken by Labour.

Mr Fitzpatrick said: “We have done fantastically well. We’ve got a good foundation now.”-

Delighted council leader Councillor Jim McMahon said: “There were some tense moments but overall it is a great result for Labour.

“UKIP have come from almost nowhere but are close in some wards and all parties need to think about what that means.”

There was a further shock in Saddleworth North where Independent candidate Nikki Kirkham claimed a landslide victory, ousting veteran Liberal-Democrat councillor Alan Roughley. She said the controversy over moving the location of new £17million Saddleworth School from Uppermill to Diggle was the tipping point.”

The result leaves Oldham Council as; Labour 45, Lib Dems 10, Conservatives 2, UKIP 2 and one Independent.


While it will be great to see Warren throwing a few verbal Molotov cocktails into the council chamber, I'm still cognisant of the skewed anti-EU arguments his party myopically pursues.

"all parties need to think about what that means.”
Unfortunately all the parties are thinking about what excuses they can cook up instead of what the electorate have decided.

So it's a 'protest' or it's 'Racism' (all that many people?), or some other unpleasant excuse.

All the three mainstream parties are supporting the accession of Turkey to the EU and allowing the 80 million Muslim population free access to the UK.
How would that benefit the people here? The answer is that it wouldn't !

Bates has been to more (political) parties than a bunny girl. He's just carpet bagged on the back of UKIP popularity. Wouldn't be surprised if he leaves them before Christmas now he's got them to pay for his leaflets.

Lets hope its a good sign for the future and so we can get our country back from the clutches of the EU.

If I am not mistaken, Mr. Bates has been a member of every political party that was on the ballot sheet, except for the Independent. So much for his political principles! I have seen and heard him out and about in Failsworth. I very much doubt that he will have any positive impact on the Council except to be quite amusing in the council chamber. For him to say that he 'will get this town back up and moving' is laughable.

Great news hope this is a sign of things to come

So UKIP with two councillors are the party of hope? Funny how he doesn't mention Labour actually increased its majority? Biggest shock was the reaction to Alan Roughley and the whole Lib Dem infighting in Saddleworth

Sean why is UKIP's anti-EU argument skewed? UKIP claim the EU is corrupt, out of touch and undemocratic.
It is corrupt because EU accounts haven't been approved by auditors in the last 19 years.
It is out of touch because it want's the continued free movement of people and a large majority of the UK population does not.
It is undemocratic because laws are drafted by the European Commission and members of the commission are appointed and not elected.
LibLabCon aren't myopic they are blind.

UKIP had ZERO policies for local government, Farage specifically stated as such. "Total garbage" 2010 manifesto

Being on Oldham council will have ZERO impact on membership of the EU.
The people of Oldham have voted in two people who you know nothing about and have policies you know nothing about.

It would be fine if these people only affected the wards stupid enough to vote for them but they will vote on matters affecting all Oldhamers.

Extreme lefty Bates, Ex-Green now in Extreme right UKIP.

Most of the electorate did not vote in the recent elections and the vote for UKIP represents less than 1 in 9 of the electorate. Given that the system for deciding who is elected is supposed to be fairer and persuade more to vote, something must be going wrong. The d'Hondt formula which is used is complex - to use the kindest word - and how many of us feel any real link to our MEP? First past the post has its problems but at least there is a name to vote for. I'm sorry Chris Davies has gone.

UKIP don't get to carried away once the general public see that you don't actually have any viable policies you will be in the same position as the non existent Lib Dems. Enjoy this brief victory whilst you can it won't last !!!

Warren Bates isn't the only local councillor to have switched parties over the years and won't be the last. Yes, he is a firebrand and I didn't always agree with what he said ( he was my union convenor whilst in the TGWU) But one thing for sure he WILL ask questions, he WILL ruffle feathers and he WILL be heard.

The people who voted for ukip live in manly white English areas of oldham and basically it was a racist vote. How many know what the ukip polices are that's a nope is it. One which i read don't know if its true but they say they will prioritise social housing to people who parents and grandparents who were born locally umm i wonder what that means.


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