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Work starts on micro apartments

Date published: 27 May 2014

WORK has begun to build 142 self-contained “micro” apartments — some as small as 18 square metres — in Oldham town centre.

The development, to be known as G-Suite Cardinal Court, is designed to provide affordable accommodation.

The Cardinal Street apartments were designed for Hong Kong-based clients G-Suite Holdings Ltd.

The micro apartments, which range from 18-35 square metres, include a small bathroom and open-plan kitchen-living area with smart design features to maximise space, such as fold-away beds and tables. They are due for completion next spring.

It is hoped the apartments will appeal to people who wish to live close to the town centre or city transport links.

Falconer Chester Hall managing director Adam Hall said: “This type of accommodation has already proved popular elsewhere in the UK for those looking to take their first step on the housing ladder, such as key workers and postgraduate students, and will help open up the residential market to a wider spectrum of society.”

Plans original stated 160 apartments would be built on the site but this was later reduced to 142 after the approved layouts were deemed unfeasible for structural reasons.


"take their first step on the housing ladder" by putting them in a shoe box.

This say a lot about this country. The only way to own your own home is in an 18m square box. Just appalling.

There is a solution, Build one million houses. Except that wouldn't be allowed because existing house prices would half immediately (supply/demand,basic economics) and imagine telling people their house is valued at half what it was,so other people can own their own property?

Selfishness would win. EVERYTIME

I'm quite sure the Munchkins will be more than happy with the 18 square-metres available. Any more floor space and you'd be in danger of getting lost.

A good idea. Given the housing shortage I think there should be more developments for town centre living, especially "brown site" development. Not only could it provide affordable housing but would also prevent town centres becoming almost deserted once shops close.

These won't work . This is oldham town centre we're talking about not London or even Manchester . They will be completed hardly any will sell then they will be filled with tax dodging non working none rent paying lay abouts leaving the few first time buyers who have bought them in good faith in an awful position.

this is a good but interedting housing idea we shall see if it works out in the long run for oldham

Oldham surely needs Hong Kong based property developers like a hole in the head ?!
Oldham Council's Leader Cllr Jim McMahon
and little-known Executive Director for Places & Investment Elaine McLean ought to kill this nonesense -
& get more proper housing investment into the place.
It's not new build in Oldham centre that's needed - rather regeneration of derelict neighbourhoods :
that's my view, as one of the few Oldhamers who are also Members of The Royal Town Planning Institute.

Well done to the Labour council that is encouraging tiny bedsits in the centre of Oldham.

This is a disgrace!

Not even a toe-hold on the property ladder for any one stupid enough to buy one.


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