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Iíll be back, says Davies

Date online: 28 May 2014

OUSTED MEP Chris Davies is determined he won’t sink into obscurity after losing his seat in the European Parliament after 15 years.

“One thing I don’t want to do is become an expert lawn mower,” says the energetic 59 year old., who is 60 next month.

The Greenfield-dwelling Liberal Democrat was the party’s European spokesman on environment and says his achievements in office will stay with him forever.

Davies became MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth after a by-election in 1995. The seat was abolished before the 1997 general election, when he fought Oldham East and Saddleworth but lost to Labour’s Phil Woolas. Two years later Chris was elected MEP for the North-West.

He rated the chances of keeping his seat as 50/50 heading into Thursday’s Euro election so was upset to lose.

“In March I won a Parliamentarian of the Year award for my work on sustainable fishing. Two months later, I am out on my ear.,” he said.

“I had lots of messages from Labour and Conservative supporters, who said they had voted for me despite political differences, because they know I am good at what I do.

“I don’t take my defeat as a personal one — the Liberal Democrats were swept away by factors that were way beyond my control. I have done my best to be honest about the positive and negative aspects of the European Parliament. I have got a string of achievements under my belt and I have done a lot to be proud of.

“I have already been out and got new business cards printed and changed my email address, so I’ll see if someone has a role for me. I have a lot of energy and experience and I have had a few calls and emails. I am not turning my back on politics, but I want a break from it.

“I have served on two councils, Oldham and Liverpool; I have served as an MP and as an MEP and can honestly say I felt I had the most influence in the European Parliament.

“I’d like to thank the people of Oldham and the North-West; they kept me in office for three terms and allowed me to achieve so much. I am grateful I had that opportunity.”


It's like Nigel Farage said yesterday - it's business as usual for them.
Across Europe people voiced their dissatisfaction with the way Europe was being run, and it seems that Chris Davies hasn't been listening either.
"I'll be back" doing exactly what I was doing when the public voted me out because they didn't like what I was doing.
Well Chris you obviously haven't noticed, but there's been a sea change and if you don't change you won't be back at all !

No wonder he wants to get back, a salary of €8000, plus a daily allowance of €300 (totalling €9,000 a month), giving a grand total of €17,000 a month. That works out to €204,000 per annum.
He was also entitled to around €4000 a month on expenses.
A monthly travel allowance of €650, not to mention free haircuts.
The allowance for PAs comes to €21,000
And did I mention that for most it's all tax free?

Claim to fame “In March I won a Parliamentarian of the Year award for my work on sustainable fishing. Two months later, I am out on my ear.,” he said. Out of touch with the voting public

Damn right he'll be back. You don't think the undemocratic and corrupt EU monstrosity would be without Chris Davies for too long?

that's why people voted for UKIP.people are fed up of out touch politicians who have'nt a clue what austerity means,or what the lives of decent,working class people ,north of london.
so tired up in the Westminster Bubble,degrees in PPE,party people.advisors,cllrs,or researchers.many london born.but up they come to the north,to a safe seat.bright enough to fill out expenses forms.we are called 'armchair critics' locally.but we hit them where it hurts in the ballot box.they work for us.

Chris.....get a REAL job instead of pretending that writing about fish stocks is time consuming when it's others that actually do the research. Oh.....and make that job something outside of politics (including lobbying).

Perhaps Mr Davies could try looking for a real job? from this article he doesn't seem to have ever had one! he's been on the gravy train so long he should apply at bisto for services to that industry, or even stand in the general election next year so we can all have another laugh


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