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Luca lucky to be alive

Reporter: Marina Berry
Date online: 02 June 2014

A DISTRAUGHT FAilsworth mum says her eight-year-old son is lucky to be alive after a burst appendix resulted in an emergency four-hour operation.

Luca Browne was taken to the Royal Oldham Hospital three times in two months after NHS Direct staff said his condition warranted an ambulance. The South Failsworth primary school pupil was twice sent home with medication - after doctors said he had constipation.

But each time his condition worsened and his mother, Lisa Bowes, said: “I just knew it was something more serious.”

The youngster was taken to hospital in March and again in April, when he spent three nights on the children’s ward then was discharged.

Lisa called NHS Direct again when he remained unwell then worsened and another ambulance. took him back to the children’s ward. He was examined at lunchtime and was in the operating theatre by 2.30pm.

Lisa (40), who has three other sons, said: “They said they didn’t know what was wrong with Luca and they needed to operate to investigate.

“He was in surgery for four hours, then three surgeons came and said we were really lucky. His appendix had burst some time ago and had caused an infection and an abccess.

Luca is now on the road to recovery, but will be away from school throughout June.

Lisa broke down as she remembered her fear for her son. “He could have died, how could they mess up his life like that?” she asked. “Luca was sick and had a temperature and had bug symptoms for weeks,” said his mum. “I haven’t a clue why they didn’t see it was appendicitis.”

Lisa is to make an official complaint to the hospital: “I know doctors can’t get everything right, but this shouldn’t have happened. Luca was really poorly. He had to have a major operation and spent three nights on the high dependency ward.

“He’s not 100 per cent now. He keeps getting cramp and he gets out of breath. He has lost a stone. I would never take him to the Royal Oldham Hospital again, I will go straight to Manchester in future.”

Mrs Joanne Moore, divisional director for women and children, promised an investigation.


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