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Mum critical after road accident

Date published: 03 June 2014

A SPRINGHEAD mum is lucky to be alive after being hit by a taxi in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Jemma Dearnley was crossing Oldham Road near the Dog and Partridge pub when the accident occurred.

The 21 year old, a barmaid at the White Hart, Lydgate, was flung into the air near Oldham Road’s junction with Cross Street.

The mother to 10-month-old Eryn is in a critical but stable condition in intensive care at Salford Royal with a fractured skull and pelvis and damage to her ankles and wrists.

The road was closed as police examined the scene. Officers are now investigating the collision, which left the Toyota Avensis taxi with a smashed windscreen and damaged bonnet.

It is thought Jemma walked in front of the car after hearing her name being called from across the street. No charges have been brought against the taxi driver.


Surprised more accidents aren't reported considering the speed most taxis seem to be doing at night these days .They seem to operate under a different set of laws to normal motorists and all usually under the noses of the cops for some strange reason . I used to think I could do with a blue light on the roof when I was in a hurry but now I suspect a taxi sign would be even better for flouting the speed limits without punishment .Why do most taxis seem to have no working indicators either ?

John, your are absolutely right - to say that taxi drivers are supposed to be "professional drivers" I'd have to disagree given that the standard of the average taxi driver falls well below that of a competent driver.

I also find that taxi drivers appear to have mobility problems - they seem to use their horns to collect domestic fares, rather than knock on the door or even to ring them using a mobile phone?

From the taxi drivers perspective though........time is money!

Also they only seem to have one headlight, if any.

I live in a quiet area of Grotton and was shocked, when a taxi pulled onto our street in front of me and sped upwards of 45 mph down the street. I was driving behind him and when I confronted him and questioned his reason for the speed, I was answered with verbalaties and profanities best suited in a gang brawl.

I'm not saying that the taxi involved in this RTA was in any way to blame, but the severity of this woman's injuries suggests excess speed may have been a factor.


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