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88 year old’s two-hour hip ordeal

Date published: 05 June 2014

AN elderly Lees man was left in agony on the floor of his home for two hours before ambulancemen arrived to help him.

Dementia sufferer Clifford Wray (88) fell in the lounge of his terrace home and broke his left hip. His Mexican-born wife Carolina (85) was distraught and rushed to her husband’s aid.

“Clifford was lying face down in a bad way, screaming and moaning in pain.”

She called for assistance from her next door neighbour and friend, Peter Clarke, who called the ambulance service.

He said: “Clifford was screaming and at first we thought he had hurt his leg. He was in terrible pain.

“The operator told me the ambulance was en route and not to move Clifford, but to make him comfortable. He was in dreadful pain and screaming all the time.”

After waiting he redialled and went through the procedure again. Mr Wray is now recovering from a hip operation at The Royal Oldham Hospital.

The ambulance service confirmed receiving the first call at 8.57 pm and the ambulance’s arrival at 10.56 pm. Officials are now investigating Mrs Wray’s complaint.


In some places of the UK due to this Government's cuts, a pizza arrives quicker than an ambulance. Next time Mr Wray phone for a Pepperoni Special, it'll arrive in 15 minutes and they can take you to hospital instead.


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