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Takeaway’s half-chip, half-mouse combo

Date published: 05 June 2014

A OLDHAM magistrate told a pair of takeaway owners he wished he could impose a harsher punishment when they appeared on 10 counts of breaching food hygiene regulations

Three decomposed mice, mouse droppings in spice mixes and around the premises, dirty cleaning cloths, a rusty freezer and a lack of water for hand washing were among the horrors discovered by health officers at the Oldham Fisheries in Union Street, Oldham - since closed for good.

Magistrates’s chairman Joe Farquhar fined Iram Bibi of Corona Avenue, Hollins and Sarfraz Rouf of Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester only £250 each, plus over £1,190 in costs.

He said the state of the shop was so appalling he wished he could have hit them with a much tougher penalty.

The court heard that it was apparent during the visit by health officers that food handlers hadn’t been trained in food hygiene.

Rouf said he had been having problems with his landlord but admitted the state of the premises was unacceptable.

Mr Farquhar said: “This is an appalling case and if you were still trading your fine would be a lot higher. You say you don’t have a vast knowledge of food hygiene but it only takes common sense to know what a bad state your takeaway was in — how can anyone not know that mouse droppings in food is unacceptable? I cannot believe the state Oldham Fisheries was in when it was inspected.”


Absolutely disgusting! If only more of these filthy establishments could close for good.

makes me sick.

As long as the drunk, the desperate and the lazy continue to frequent the many dirty takeaways in Oldham, then nothing will change. There is still money to be made, even after the paltry low fines.

Not much real meat on a mouse. Mind you, there's not much real meat in a kebab!

This is happening far to often in our takeaways,it might be acceptable in some countries but not this.A fine of only £250 is pathetic.

Good luck to those willing to take the chance and pay for the privilege. Personally I'd never visit a Pizza/ Kebab house no matter who runs it.

Wow... One gone 1500 to go, lets not stop here - disgusting

I stopped eating takeaways a long time ago making your own food is much nicer & healthier, I don't know why people eat from these places i couldn't enjoy my food with the worry of how it is prepared.

I eat Kebab evry weekend, I dont care. It really doesnt do you any harm.

I totally agree with Litespan ,there will be no change unless the law is changed. If the penalties started at say £1000.00 it might wake up some of these filthy and disgusting places.I personally do not use high street takeaways for this very reason. yuk !!


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