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Burglars halted

Date published: 09 June 2014

A householder chased away three armed burglars who tried to break into a neighbour’s house in Failsworth.

The incident, on Leicester Road early last Wednesday evening, was recorded on the homeowner’s CCTV. The footage shows the 49-year-old father of two fending off the thieves, who had a knife and a hammer, after he caught them breaking in through the back door of a neighbour’s home.

It is believed the burglars, who wore balaclavas and got out of a light-coloured BMW X5 car, were trying to retrieve the keys to an Audi TT car parked outside.Though they didn’t take the car they got away with cash after prizing open a safe with a crowbar.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101.


Surprised the householder wasn't arrested for attacking the poor criminals and he would get a longer sentence for assault than the scroats would get for breaking in and thieving stuff .

Absolutely right John !
Amazing browsing the CPS website, how concerned they are about ethnic minority groups having confidence in the Police and the CPS, there is no mention of the white community having confidence at all !

Yet again it's more evidence that the fascist left wish to reduce the white community to second class citizens.

They've largely succeeded

@Flake - but the householder was not arrested, the crime was committed by white people, and the CPS/Police have not done anything to reduce the interests of anyone.

You have reacted to a 'what if' point like it is a fact, and concluded that the facist left (whoever they are) have "largely succeeded" based on the "evidence" - when in fact all that happened is a man chased away some scally burglars.

This is hysteria.

Folkdeejay I think the point Flake is trying to make is in todays society the authorities seem far more concerned with ethnic minorities than the whole of our multicultural country.

Look in most racial equality policies and they mention the rights of minorities more than making the conditions equal for all.

The CPS statements are a prime example of this happening.


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