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McMahon elected to top national role

Reporter: Dawn Marsden
Date online: 10 June 2014

OLDHAM Council leader Jim McMahon has landed one of the top roles in local government.

He has been elected unopposed as leader-elect of the Local Government Association’s Labour group after an expected rival bid failed to materialise.

Mr McMahon will officially take over on July 8 from outgoing leader David Sparks, who is to become chairman of the LGA, the national voice of local government in England and Wales.

The role will see Councillor McMahon represent the party’s 6,778 councillors and 309 Labour groups in Westminster, spending around three days a fortnight in London. But he says his work in Oldham will always come first.

He said: “This is a big personal achievement and I’m humbled by the support I’ve received. This is further recognition that the excellent work members and staff are doing to improve Oldham Council’s services for residents is spreading nationwide. People should be in no doubt my priorities remain firmly focused on Oldham.

“I put myself forward for this role because I passionately believe local government needs a stronger voice. Local government has had a bad settlement from the centre and I simply couldn’t sit on the sidelines.”

Councillor McMahon was first elected as a ward member for Failsworth East in 2003. He was elected leader of Oldham’s Labour group in 2008 and became council leader in 2011.


Love him or hate him he is obviously doing something right. Well done to him and more good publicity for Oldham

So what does this mean for the people of Oldham?

Who will be picking up the tab for the 3 day London visit?

good luck to you and all the best.

Hope this young man isn't taking on too much. Best wishes but don't burn yourself out.

Next stop MP methinks!

Elected Unopposed? after the may 22nd elections the LGA was changed,and the parties were changed as follows:
Labour 40.6%
Conservative 28.3%
Lib Dem 10.8%
UKIP hit the northern heartlands.is this a cynical ploy by labour nationally?

If Mr McMahon was my MP I would certainly vote for him.Under his leadership Oldham has got its buzz back with energy and action in play.The contrast with the moribund years of LibDem rule is palpable.
Congratulations and best wishes.

Whilst it is good to see Mr McMahon getting results in Oldham, I hope that he learns lessons in his new role. Like listening to local people, and being transparent in his dealings, and not blatantly be economical with the truth to get his own way. like he already has done in Saddleworth.

when Mcmahon came into the leadership of the council his initial moves looked promising.
he was bringing new energy into the council and ideas.

but since then he has fallen into the same old usual leadership role of "I know better than everyone"

his pushing of decisions without consulting experts on the subjects, local bodies, businesses and the people of Oldham have resulted in forcing through schemes that in essence will bring little improvement to the town.

Oldham got it's buzz back? will that be all the insects hovering around the fly tipping waste in hathershaw? he,and his buddies voted for that increase.so you get a leg up calling local council tax payers 'armchair critics'.


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