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KFCs no-bacon wraps rapped

Date published: 11 June 2014

A CHARITY worker has criticised a local fast-food oulet for dropping a popular item because its food is now halal-only.

Dr Kershaw’s fundraising manager Lisa Pearson was stunned when she ordered four KFC “quadwraps” — chicken and bacon in a tortilla — at the chain’s Elk Mill outlt. She was told the branch no longer sells them because it is one of almost 100 KFC outlets using only halal meat.

Lisa (39) said: “I completely understand why people do not want to eat certain foods. That’s fine.

But why should the rest of us have to go without? Why can’t they just do a quadwrap without the bacon?”

A total of 96 KFC branches are taking part in an open-ended trial to sell only halal products. They have been approved by the Halal Food Authority (HFA), a non-profit making organisation which monitors compliance, and have HFA on their doors. They do not sell a mixture of halal and non-halal products to avoid cross-contamination. KFC insists animals are stunned prior to slaughter — a practice allowed by the HFA.

KFC branches in Failsworth and Huddersfield Road, Oldham are not part of the Halal trial and all the chain’s familiar items are available.

A KFC spokesman said: “We have been running a halal trial since 2010 in areas where there has been demand from our customers. Feedback has been very positive.”


Why is this forced onto non muslim people. They sell bacon in supermarkets does this mean that no muslims will shop there? No. A taxi driver refused to pick beer out of my trolley to put in his boot from my shopping trolley funny he did not refuse to pick up the bags that clearly showed bacon in the bag... how odd. Will give KFC a swerve.

What a society we now live in. Are we all now being gradually Islamified? I'm sure that those who liberated Europe 70 years ago, didn't expect the fight for freedom to lead to us evntually losing our own identity and culture from within.
As for 'you can still go to Ashton Retail Park', for a non Halal drive through, what a load of tosh. If I'm shopping at Elk Mill, why the heck should I then drive to Ashton's KFC for non Halal food. Seems like the majority have to abide by the minorities wishes!

Make your own if your that bothered instead of running to the papers.

The fact that the so called animal rights activists have not targeted Halal slaughter houses tell you all you need to know about them.
Denmark has banned this slaughter & we should too.
The first step is to boycott outlets like Pizza express, KFC & Subway who are all chasing every penny thinking we don't care.

The answer is to go to a decent local cafe to sell you a chicken and bacon sandwich, there are a couple in Royton I can think of.

As if killing animals for food isn't bad enough let's torture them whilst we do it in the name of religion.

That's another one i won't be visiting, this is England, not Pakistan or Bangladesh, if i want to eat bacon i will eat bacon.

Last time I checked, businesses can sell whatever they like. If you don’t like their products, or what they choose to sell then you know what to do – don’t go.

Common sense.

I think it is a disgrace that KFC as well as other companies have gone for the Halal option. We are not living in the middle ages, it is bad enough that we have to kill animals to eat them, but to string them up by there feet and slit there throats, come on this is 2014, it is nothing but animal cruelty.

It is total nonsense.

Thanks to the Oldham Chronicle for reporting this. I do not eat Halal and nor will be eating at any KFC outlet again....ever. HALAL meat should be made illegal.....

When this town gets rid of the scruffy, vermin infested take away shops, then and only then should Western Food Outlets question their clientele on what should and shouldn't be sold. I would love to see the ethnic breakdown on this issue. But then again, that would probably be deemed as racist, so this won't even get printed.

Simples ,don't use it no more I won't I stopped using subway a few weeks ago same reason & while we are on the subject were are all these animal welfare nuts don't see them campaigning outside these places against a slaughter that is inhumane

Vote with your feet Lisa

Surely there are enough halal chicken shops in Oldham to satisfy the needs of those who eat it ? a disgraceful decision, I shall not be visiting any halal or no halal KFC anytime soon.

I wont knowingly eat halal meat for 2 reasons: a) it involves animal cruelty & b) the meat is sacrificed in the name of Allah & I wont eat meat sacrificed to idols (I am Catholic). The steady use of halal meat is a worrying sign of the enforced Islamification of the UK.

Kentucky Fried Cruelty.

... and my religion says not to eat meat done in the Halal style, so what will KFC do about that ?

If this country is to be PC correct, then allow non halal products to be sold alongside halal products and that way everybody wins. Well except those that say they can not be sold together
If I want a bacon product from a fast food outlet, then I should be able too - what right does KFC have to pamper to the non majority.

disgraceful why only Halal ?? where is freedom of choice or do we only meet the choices of one sector of the community

As an Atheist I find anything done in the name of Allah to be totally offensive. As a human being without having been religiously groomed from an early age I'm free to say that ritual killing such as Kosher or Halal is not only inhumane but totally pointless.

@Ididsaythat! Roman Catholics worship idols such as statues of the Virgin Mary, therefore your argument is invalid.

Subways are the same in some areas. The one on Manchester rd is Halal....And they don't make it very clear either. I have nothing against any religion and their beliefs. But I personally don't agree with Halal meat, so I choose not to eat it. Please, can we stop forcing other peoples beliefs down our necks and give EVERYONE the freedom to choose.

just another one of the outlets I have boycotted for this reason along with Tesco & subway . Hit the where it hurts - in their profits. This is England !

wrong in many ways. I eat what I want and go to the place that sells it. kfc is not and never will be that place. will they care i doubt it..I will not be forced to eat produce that has been inhumanely slaughtered needlessly to please a religion.more to the point is that kfc will make more money from halal than non halal..it probably is as simple as that

chaddyender you wont be eating bacon at kfc elkmill and guess what its not in asia its in england.... love it when everyone on here are blaming islam and muslims when its the business itself who wants to cash in money..

Where are the animal welfare officers shouldn't they be doing something about Halal meat think I would be in big trouble if I killed my farm animal in that way

Stop this insidious islamification of our country. They rely on us not caring. If you love our culture then don't spend your money with them

What a disgrace are we still living in England ,people don't have to eat bacon if they don't want to ,that's there choice but I want to and that's my choice shame KFC

I respect religion; I don't always agree with the principles of it, but I respect it.
I respect people's choices to eat what they please, including bacon; I don't agree with eating meat (for me), but I respect the fact that people can choose to eat it.
In a nutshell, the long and short of it is that KFC decided to lose respect for its customers by removing their choices. Thanks for bringing back segregation KFC...your 'positive feedback' is clearly not all it's cracked up to be.

These comments are very funny! To all those people who say they will never eat halal meat again... I guess you'll stop eating at an Indian Restaurant or Take-away???

It's not the only KFC in Oldham and not all are Halal stores. The one in Failsworth and on Huddersfield Road serve non-halal chicken. So to be honest if the stores were more honest about serving halal chicken then maybe people would be a bit more forgiving and giving people the choice of whether they want halal or non halal choice.

Slitting a conscious animals throat while mumbling a prayer in its ear is not acceptable in this country or any that has any self respect .It should be banned whatever religions name it is done in .If you want to practice third world mumbo jumbo then go to a third world country and leave this one .


For all those complaining about the way the animal is killed read here kfc's website re halal. Section 9 to be precise.

Let KFC and other companies do what they want. At the end of the day they want to maximize profits. And their state is exactly that.
''We are running a Halal trial in areas that their is a demand for it''

End of discussion. I am like everyone else, i get offended when an extremist tries to ban our flag being flown etc. But this is just business.

A joke surly. How the hell does this happen. Hahal mear fair enough. I don't want to force anyone to eat any other meat if that is their choice, but to refuse to serve bacon is wrong. If you go to a kebab house it is expected...not a giant food chain.

Nothing is being forced on anyone. Go elsewhere for non Halal products.

Customers have a choice, but customers don't tell traders what to sell.

Tell your butcher they should sell fruit - let me know what the butcher says?

I think most will be amazed as to how many fast food outlets are serving halal meat without notifiying the customer. KFC on the Elk mill is not the only one, google Nando's and Mcdonalds etc.

Oldham Owl - what a silly comment! No Catholic worships idols & your ignorant, bigotted sniping is offensive.

Hey stop banging on about muslims. muslims didnt ask these people to serve halal. They did it knowing they can make more money. It seems us brits arent tolerant and cant think for themselves.

I think the phrase pots & Kettles comes to mind sunshine !
No one is really 'banging on about Muslims' but yet again we see the bullying way you try to silence any criticism.
People should look at the Liveleak film of a Halal abattoir I couldn't watch it all the way through & I had tears in my eyes.
This is not a pleasant way to slaughter animals for consumption,

I think it's funny that (at the time I write this) it is near the bottom of 37 comments that someone points out that all Asian food outlets serve halal meat and most people will have eaten at either a takeaway or restaurant. I don't agree with the method of slaughter of halal meat but I do eat from Asian food outlets so I can't really comment on that front. However, for a chain like KFC to miss big parts of its menu for this reason is a bit wrong.

I eat a quite a lot of KFC i am glad that i now have this information, i will only buy from Huddersfield Road from now on, i do not condone animal cruelty & i will not allow someone to force their beliefs on to me.

Thanks Chron' for the information I like to make an informed choice when I buy food. Normally do all my own cooking, KFC was the only fast food we occasionally had, but I won't be having it again. I don't want to eat Halal meat but obviously KFC think they can make more money from using it in our area. I've also started to look more closely at meat I buy from supermarkets, we need a clear labelling system in this country. The main question here is not one of religion but animal welfare!

glad i dont go to K.F.C i dont want any one elses beliefs forced upon me i dont go to others saying you cant do that here its against my religion we should be able to buy whatever we like were is it we are living again last time i looked it was England

So after thousands of years of slaughtering animals on this island, we come up with a more progressive, pain free method of killing our animals for meat, but because a relatively new Islamic population has come to these islands we have to revert to medieval, ritualistic slaughter?

If Muslims don't like progressive western behaviour then they ought to be vegetarian. In the country I now live in (where 80% of the people don't even believe in god (1% Muslim)), this would never be tolerated.

The method of slaughter is a choice and people can either eat the meat killed in this way or not. KFC are partly to blame for being openly racist and getting away with it, but KFC would not do this if regions of England were not becoming populated by only one race /religion. Multiculturalism does not work and we the people were never asked if we wanted it or not, I really don't remember a referendum? People should boycott KFC if they feel strongly or better still start facebook/twitter campaigns

I hope that all the kfc's using halal meat have a clear sign in their window so I know which ones to avoid...what ever happened to the great in great britain its a disgrace...I dont like hahal meat because of the disgusting way the animals are slaughtered do you think kfc will change this? no they wont because after all Im only british

Obviously whats needed is a bright person in the catering trade to open premises declaring loudly, PORK SAUSAGE AND BACON SANDWICHES SOLD HERE....they would do a bomb in no time.

and you wonder why residents choose not to shop in Oldham?


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