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This place is a tip

Date published: 11 June 2014

OLDHAM Council has served a staggering 4,000 legal notices in Hathershaw over the past year in a bid to clean up an area blighted by fly-tippers.

Almost 40 people have been fined in the last six months for not complying with a notice, which equires households to clean up after themselves.

Angry householders pleaded with the council to take action after dumped rubbish reached dangerous levels.

John Badby contacted the council 17 times to report fly-tipping near his home in Urmson Street over six months. The problem peaked when his dog Mazie needed seven stitches after cutting a paw on broken glass.

John (42) said: “I am getting sick of this rubbish. I’ve reported fly-tipping 17 times but people are still dumping things in the alleyway near my house. It’s disgusting and dangerous.”

John spends up to 90 minutes a day clearing up the mess of bin bags, planks and bottles: “Some of the people around here just don’t have any respect for their neighbours and something needs to be done - now.”

A council spokesman said: “Oldham Council responds to fly-tipping complaints within 10 days and if we can gather evidence from the waste we find then we will prosecute.”

Report fly-tippers online at www.oldham.gov.uk.


You are not kidding!! I drive through Hathershaw regularly and thank God I don't have to live there. Mind you the rest of Oldham is not much better. You can't blame the council completely as it's people who make such a mess. Having spent some time in Australia recently, the contrast is stark. There is just no litter, people like to keep it that way. Do the people of Oldham like to live in a pig sty?

I was down that way today, and the alley behind Pennine pen was strewn with litter and old furniture and this alley has gates on so it's obvious it's people living in the houses on either side.

Name & Shame & Publish Addresses & Photos of Fly Tippers -
they are the scum of the earth & should realise it !

its never been a particularly nice area of Oldham but unless the neighbours who witness it are prepared to give evidence against the perpetrators then the case is hardly likely to come to court.

The last couple of fly tippers caught dumping in Hathershaw where actually from Saddleworth and Springhead so before you lot slate the people of Hathershaw look up the facts first.

Hang on he excecisies his dogs there is that the right place for that

I blame the council for getting rid of the free bulky Bob service, not everyone has a car to go to the tip or can afford to pay to have things removed especially in the economic climate we live in, if people have something they wanna get rid off they just throw it in the street as they know the council will remove it for free.


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