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Unlucky? 13ís our magic number

Reporter: Iram Ramzan
Date online: 13 June 2014

THIRTEEN is regarded as an unlucky number - but not by Oldhamer John Marwick.

There’s no suspicion of triskaidekaphobia - - fear of the number - in his family life. He associates the number 13 with only good fortune.

John, who works for United Utilities, moved from 13 Castleton Street in Werneth 13 years ago on Friday, April 13 - and ended up at 13 Chancery Walk in Chadderton.

He is now in the process of moving house with wife Claire and daughter Mollie and - providing nothing goes wrong, of course - expects to have moved today, Friday the 13th.

John (50) said: “We even moved to our last house in the 13th hour. I’m not superstitious at all — my father was born on Friday the 13th and my sister-in-law was born on the 13th.”


Talking of number 13: I was born on Friday 13th, 1970 (thirteen days before Halloween). My house number was 13. I was 13 on the school register.

How Can Halloween which is on the 31st October be 13 Days after Friday the 13th?

Sorry, brain-malfunction while typing, should actually read '13 days after Halloween'.

My wife and I met on 7/6 (7+6=13) and got married on Friday 13th. Exactly one year later, 13 days late on the 13th June our son was born weighing 7lb 6oz (again 7+6=13) at 11.47 (digits add up to 13 and 13 minutes to midday). I therefore have a "Lucky 13" tattoo! Love the number 13....

HA HA Johns a good mate of mine, hope it went well pal.


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