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Bloom and gloom

Date published: 13 June 2014

DISMAYED residents are fuming that their popular local park has been left looking like a freshly-ploughed field.

Liberal Democrat councillor Diane Williamson joined householders on the Otmoor and Charlbury Way estates in Crompton over the destruction of Wendlebury Green.

Councillor Williamson has asked senior council officers for work to create a wildflower meadow to stop and the grassland to be reinstated.

“I wasn’t prepared for what met us when we called to see for ourselves. My heart sank. To my and the residents’ knowledge, there hasn’t been any consultation, only notification about some environmental works.

Amanda Lane, of Wendlebury Green Road, said: “I can’t believe what’s going on. We have never been told it was going to be a wildflower meadow. I knew nothing until a tractor came and started ploughing up the park. It’s not a disused piece of land; a lot of children - including mine - play there.”

Councillor Dave Hibbert, cabinet member for environment and housing, said the scheme would boost Oldham’s chances in Britain in Bloom — but promied work would halt until there had been further consultation.

He said: “As part of our entry into Britain in Bloom we are planning to turn an area of Wendlebury Green into a wildflower meadow.”

He explained wild flowers would attract a range of bees and insects and would benefit nearby allotments: “The work is aimed at supporting additional biodiversity, which grass alone doesn’t achieve.

“But we haven’t yet fully consulted with local residents. No further work will be undertaken until we have had the opportunity to meet with them. We apologise for the oversight.”


Used to be natural wildflowers at Foxdenton.. What a pity the Britain in Bloom competition does not consider how an entrant approaches green issues across the entire City, Town, Borough.

wildflower meadow? what utter nonsense! this is part of a park where children play?

the council need to start using some common sense on their planting of trees and flowers.

they've just planted a load of new fruit tree's along the old railway line between grotton and clarksfield.
why I don't know?
the council cannot maintain the older existing trees that are out of control in most places around the borough!

now this path will be overrun with more trees and be a muggers paradise later on!

How can OMBC say "we haven’t yet fully consulted with local residents. No further work will be undertaken until we have had the opportunity to meet with them" when they have ploughed up a whole park area. Is the the same 'oversight' they had when they didn't and still haven't consulted, with Saddleworth residents regarding the new school?

To many Councilors of one party in oldham now so what ever that group wants it will get. As is plain to see in this article

Who ever organised this seriously needs to be disciplined!
Why, well here is 4 reasons: - because it's June (you do this in April - seeds need time to grow), because it's 4 weeks to school holidays, because my son plays football there, and finally here is the killer one - were was the communication (that our council says "we always in form our voters)

If Heaven was paved in gold you would still find people moaning about it.


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