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Ex United star faces jail

Date published: 16 June 2014

FORMER Manchester United star Ronnie Wallwork is facing jail after pleading guilty to theft.

The 36 year old, from Failsworth, admitted a charge of theft involving an Audi A4 in September 2010, belonging to Money Barn PLC. He has been released on bail ahead of sentencing next month.

Wallwork made his Reds debut in 1997, playing alongside Scholes, Beckham and Giggs. He made 19 appearances and picked up a Premier League title winners medal in 2001.

He also won four caps for England Under-20s.

His playing career ended in 2008 and was jailed for 15 months three years later for selling on parts from high performance cars. In 2007 he was stabbed outside a city centre nightclub in a row over a girlfriend.


shocking indeed remember him when he was playing in the premi league few years ago he facing jail.

How the mighty have fallen, once earning dream money a week is now just a common thief.


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