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What an honour!

Date published: 16 June 2014

SERVICES to local government have earned stalwart councillor Howard Sykes and rugby league star Kevin Sinfield MBEs in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

With 27 years of continuous office as a Lib-Dem councillor, father-of-three Councillor Sykes was Oldham’s youngest councillor on his election in Shaw in 1987.

Earlier that year he had been a founder member to the newly-established Shaw and Crompton Parish Council.

Councillor Sykes said of the MBE: “It’s a great honour and I was very surprised. It is very humbling and I am very proud. I’m passionate about Shaw and Oldham and it’s nice to be recognised for the work I have done.”

The son of a Shaw baker, the 50 year old has been heavily involved in local politics as both a borough and parish councillor for more than half his life. Recognised as a hugely influential figure on Oldham’s political scene, he is passionate about his role in getting the best for the people of Shaw and Oldham.

Councillor Sykes is leader of the opposition on Oldham Council, leader of the Liberal Democrat Group in Oldham, and a member of Shaw and Crompton Parish Council.

Captain of Leeds and England, record-breaking goal-kicker in Super League, Rugby League World Player of the Year and now MBE, Kevin Sinfield has experienced quite a journey since learning the ropes as a junior at Waterhead Park.

The six-times Grand Final champion — he was man-of-the-match in Leeds’ last triumph at Old Trafford in 2012 — had put the award to the back of his mind after receiving the news six weeks ago.

“To be honest, I had more or less forgotten about it, until it was officially announced. I didn’t want to count my chickens,” he said.

“I feel very honoured and a proud Oldhamer. It’s not just for me though, it’s recognition for all the people who have played a part in my career and for rugby league itself.

Sinfield (33), who lives in Grotton, will follow in the footsteps of another legend of rugby league and a Rhinos team-mate when he rolls up at the Palace gates to receive his gong.

He added: “I remember speaking to Jamie Peacock and his experience at Buckingham Palace when he got his MBE, and now I’m going to see it with my own eyes. I am going to enjoy it.”


It's the people who refuse these dishonours who deserve the most respect.
The entire system has been brought into disrepute by making some extremely dubious awards to people who clearly do not deserve or merit them.
A cloak of respectability is provided by awarding them to those who do, and compounded by the willingness of those people to accept the morsels on offer.

As someone who wholly rejects the corrupt and divisive 'system' we live under, I see the Queen's Birthday Honours list for what it truly is: solely designed to keep the masses in a state of unquestioning servitude to a prescribed hierarchy that brooks no challenge.

Whilst I am not a "fan" of his party politics, Mr Sykes has helped me in the past.
*doffs cap*

I agree with Shaun. I always thought Councillor Sykes a capitalist running dog with bourgeois ideas. He has done nothing to undermine the military industrial complex in Oldham.
As for Kevin Sinfield he just brings bread and games to the lumpenproletariat. Or at least the games bit. Though I hear he bakes a mean brioche.
I for one look forward to living in a Marxist paradise. After all there a so many exemplary examples of such societies where milk and honey abound.

Well done to Kevin. For a former Waterhead Rugby lad to achieve this is testament to Kevin's hard work and dedication. Never mind the negative comments. Local lads do well and they get slagged. Cheers doom mongers.

Not surprised at all by the typical negative responses here. Let's not celebrate some oldhamers receiving recognition, let's have a good old typical moan

Well said Bramble. I would have thought that being captain of Leeds and England plus Mr. Sinfield's numerous accolades DESERVE MERIT at Flake. Your achievements Flake please .

@Nettle, you can go and live in a Marxist paradise whenever you like by making your way to North Korea but just don't count on coming back. Comments from Flake and Shaun McGrath are par for the course but I'd like to ask what'so wrong about being British and proud of our Queen and country? I've an inkling that many of those living in a "Marxist paradise" wish they lived here.

Why do people feel the need to be personal and nasty? The man has put in decades of service to residents and to the Borough. Whilst the honour goes to the individual, it also reflects well on Oldham.
Flake, Shaun McGrath and Nettle should sit back and reflect upon the damage that their constant negativity does to our town.

I think British culture is fantastic. This country has given so many good things to the world.
My original comment was tongue in cheek. One of the great traits of the British is our sense of humour, is it not?


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