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Benefit pay-out delay ‘unfair’

Reporter: Dawn Marsden
Date online: 17 June 2014

PLANS to make new benefits claimants wait seven days rather than three before they receive any money are “grossly unfair”, says Oldham’s Liberal Democrat leader.

Councillor Howard Sykes has slammed proposals by Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan-Smith that would mean delays for claimants of job seekers’ allowance (JSA) and employment support allowance (ESA).

Councillor Sykes has written to the secretary of the Social Security Advisory Committee, the parliamentary body that advises the Government on social security.

The Lib-Dems are concerned that JSA claimants will lose £40 on average while disabled people claiming ESA will lose £50. The Government’s own estimates indicate that 1.3 million people a year will lose out.

Claimants leaving work through dismissal or redundancy after short periods of employment will receive no statutory compensation from their employer.

Councillor Sykes said: “This change will make it less likely that jobseekers will accept offers of short-term employment as they may be penalised twice when they sign back on.

“The change is grossly unfair on new claimants making a claim on the basis of National Insurance contributions.

“These claimants are only entitled to benefit for a maximum of six months and are thereafter disbarred from receiving benefits because of savings or spousal earnings. This change will eat into this entitlement by a further four days. National Insurance is in fact a tax in all but name, rather than a passport to benefit entitlement.”


What is unfair? Why is 7 days too long for anyone to wait for a handout? If things are so bad, I'm sure they can go to one of the many foodbanks the liberal left seem to think are so necessary.

If someone is on benefits and won't take work, they should have their benefits stopped.

As it's says new claimants so people who may have lost their job. Well anyway 7 days waiting in the bank makes the government more interest then 3days in the bank. It's pick on the benefit claimants the poorest when it was the rich that caused all the problems.

Wow... Why should people get annoyed about freebie handouts being paid 3 days later than usual. Too many are having a laugh at the tax payers expense. Anybody out of work longer than six months should work for there benefit, clean paint and decorate government buildings, sweep roads, landscaping. It would save paying sub-contractors doing this work, and having to pay them as well as the benefit cheats, who have no intention of working, most genuine's would be back in work within 6 month anyway

Hey up--It looks like Howard as sussed how the Labour Council gets voted in and is now trying to jump on the bandwagon.

Yet again we see the cruelty of the Tories, and the casual stupid ignorance of others which mirrors that of Ebenezer Scrooge!

We all know that JSA is insufficient to survive on, even IDS has admitted that, and politicians on the continent has called it "Manifestly Insufficient".

We all pay into this 'insurance' scam reducing the policy should mean reduced premiums !
They aren't 'freebie handouts' people have to pay for them and to suggest they shouldn't receive them is cruelty.

Such compassion and understanding from ProDriver and Wow.

A lot on benefits want work, get work only to get paid off after the "rush" is finished or the season has ended........ so they are then penalized for getting paid off? What a wonderful place we live.... kick "him" when "he" is down so "he" stays down.......

Shaun mcgrath... From Wow. I am 49 and worked all my life apart from 7 weeks when made redundant. I like others have been spoken down to by the staff at the job centre. I wanted to work and got work, most have the same attitude. But l also know for a fact (people l know) concentrate not on getting a job, but on how many benefits they can claim by fiddling the system. By coming down hard on these it may also affect some genuine cases, but they will get work before long. But the fiddlers. Well!


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