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Victim of sex-assault quit job after attack

Date published: 18 June 2014

A health worker was so traumatised by an elderly patient’s sexual assault that she suffered acute depression and gave up her job.

The podiatrist was in a consulting room at an Oldham health centre when she was subjected to a frightening attack by 76-year-old Bashir Dar of Brompton Street, Oldham.

Tall, well-built Dar put his arms tightly around the woman and kissed her repeatedly. Though shaken, the victim believed she could cope and told him to sit down.

Manchester Crown Court was told she was then asked if she was married, and Dar made sexual remarks.

After being asked to leave he gave her a bear-hug, tried to kiss her on the lips and sexually assaulted her. His victim shook him and called for help from a caretaker.

Maria Brandon, prosecuting, said after Dar left the woman began shaking and in later statements revealed she felt ill and depressed, had to cancel a planned holiday, seek counselling and finally resigned.

Ms Brandon said: “She resigned from the job she loved, when she was well paid and at the top of her scale, and she blames it entirely on this man.”

Imposing an eight-month prison sentence suspended for two years, Judge Adrian Smith said: “This must have been a frightening experience for this lady. You are 76, but you are a big man. She was alone with you and vulnerable.”

Dar pleaded guilty to a single charge of sexual assault.

Judge Smith told him he took into account in his sentencing his age, his previous good character, and the fact that he hoped the offence had been a one-off.


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