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Fans and pubs suffer together over England defeat

Date published: 20 June 2014

IT wasn’t only the fans feeling glum after England tumbled to defeat against Uruguay in the World Cup last night.

The landlord of the Colliers Arms, Chadderton, fears England’s likely elimination could be a “massive loss” for trade during the rest of the tournament.

Dave Mowbray reported a booming trade during the Three Lions’ clash with Italy on Saturday.

But with England now all but eliminated, Dave fears Tuesday’s game against Costa Rica will be affected.

He said: “If we are out it will affect the whole weekend and the rest of the tournament — not just Tuesday.

Last night’s 2-1 defeat to Uruguay means England’s hopes of reaching the next round is out of their hands. They could be eliminated today if Italy and Costa Rica draw their Group D clash.


Remarkable listening to the BBC commentary about clubs bringing foreign talent into the UK and neglecting home grown talent as it is 'too risky' and expensive.
They just don't seem to be able or willing to investigate the effect of the same thing in industry or services has on our young people outside the superstar sports arena.

Exactly the same thing that is ruining the game of Rugby League in this country!and why we can never beat the Aussies! Too many overseas players, usually 2nd raters who cant catch a team in Oz but get signed by teams over here 'because they're Aussie' at the expense of many an up-and-coming talent, many of whom become disheartened and leave the game altogether. Nobody listens tho', they don't play for the 'future' of the game/s....just for today!!??

Not really binag etc. Been watching RL for 60 years and we have rarely troubled the Aussies. Used to beat the Kiwis but that's harder now as many of them play their rugby in Australia. Even the Union team struggle against southern hemisphere teams. Must be something in the water down under.


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