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Passengers flee First bus fireball

Date published: 20 June 2014

WORRIED passengers were rushed off an Oldham bus yesterday morning - just before it burst into flames.

The engine of the 408 set alight in Park Road at 11am. Six passengers and the driver escaped unharmed as fire crews arrived to put out the fire. The driver had seen smoke coming from the engine, stopped the Droylsden-bound bus and got passengers off before making the emergency call.

Park Road was closed at its Queens Road junction while crews tackled the flames.

An investigation is now looking into the cause.

A First Bus spokesman said: “This is a very rare occurrence. We will work with firemen to see if there is anything we can do so it doesn’t happen again. We are pleased with the way the driver dealt with the situation.”


glad nobody got hurt here. Bus get over heated need to be turn off to cool the engine down.

Blimey, glad everyone was okay. Have to say that some of the buses that First run on the less popular/frequent routes are so old and tired...many have particularly funny "hot" smells on board, not saying that this was the casue, but makes you wonder. The X84 in the evenings from Manchester is a prime example of the poor fleet...

I thought it was illegal to smoke on a bus , ha ha .


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