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Match abandoned after incident

Date published: 23 June 2014

A CRICKET match was abandoned after an incident involving a player and spectator.

The game, between Stayley and Hollinwood second teams at Millbrook on Saturday, was stopped in the second innings.

Umpire Mike Dunkerley halted the game to investigate but the arguing continued and 10 minutes later he abandoned the match and police and an ambulance were called.

Mr Dunkerley said: “I have never known an incident like this before.

“There was an enormous amount of shouting, screaming and movement on the crowded terrace at the side of the pavilion.

There was a fellow laid flat out and people were trying to get him in a chair.

“The pushing carried on and in my opinion it was unsafe for the match to continue. I consulted both captains and they were in total agreement.”

Hollinwood suspended the player for yesterday’s game at home to Heyside. Stayley officials are attempting to find out exactly what happened.

A police spokesman said the alleged assailant had left by the time they arrived and the victim refused to speak to police. No arrests have been made.


So much for cricket being a gentlemanly sport , my grandad must be spinning in his grave over the steady decline of manners both on and off the field .


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