Boy attacked seven teachers

Date published: 23 June 2014

A 14-YEAR-OLD boy assaulted seven teachers in a violent rampage after being told off for chewing gum.

The boy “kicked off” after being caught with chewing gum at his Oldham school, which caters for children with behavioural problems.

The youngster headbutted, kicked, pinched and scratched seven teachers as they tried to restrain him a year ago.

Oldham Youth Court heard on Friday how he grew angry on his way to a lesson because his bag was taken away to be searched when he was caught chewing gum. He began shouting, and pushing and shoving staff trying to calm him down.

He screamed and shouted for his bag then attacked the teachers — one of whom he headbutted in the left arm up to 15 times.

After eventually seeming to calm down, the boy continued his rampage in the classroom; kicking over tables, emptying a cupboard and threatening to throw chairs. Police arrived and arrested him.

The boy pleaded guilty to seven counts of assault and one of criminal damage — for a broken chair.

He was given a nine-month referral order and ordered to pay £50 in compensation to each teacher he assaulted, plus £80 for the chair.

Stephen Parker, defending, said the boy is now back at the school full-time and has since apologised to the teachers. He told the court: “I am really, really sorry and it won’t happen again.”