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Boy attacked seven teachers

Date published: 23 June 2014

A 14-YEAR-OLD boy assaulted seven teachers in a violent rampage after being told off for chewing gum.

The boy “kicked off” after being caught with chewing gum at his Oldham school, which caters for children with behavioural problems.

The youngster headbutted, kicked, pinched and scratched seven teachers as they tried to restrain him a year ago.

Oldham Youth Court heard on Friday how he grew angry on his way to a lesson because his bag was taken away to be searched when he was caught chewing gum. He began shouting, and pushing and shoving staff trying to calm him down.

He screamed and shouted for his bag then attacked the teachers — one of whom he headbutted in the left arm up to 15 times.

After eventually seeming to calm down, the boy continued his rampage in the classroom; kicking over tables, emptying a cupboard and threatening to throw chairs. Police arrived and arrested him.

The boy pleaded guilty to seven counts of assault and one of criminal damage — for a broken chair.

He was given a nine-month referral order and ordered to pay £50 in compensation to each teacher he assaulted, plus £80 for the chair.

Stephen Parker, defending, said the boy is now back at the school full-time and has since apologised to the teachers. He told the court: “I am really, really sorry and it won’t happen again.”


In a sane world where Children who misbehave receive punishment, this kind of behaviour would never happen - or if it did, it would only be once !
The cane was a great deterrent to bad behaviour, and children feared and respected it. Because of that the liberal hand wringers hated it, and now look at the state of our country.

I know the boy did wrong but to take his bag and search it because he was chewing gum. Are sweets against the law in schools now.

Bring back the birch and instill some discipline into kids , they think that there are no consequences to any of their action these days no matter what they do .

' the cane was a great deterrent' not in my Secondary Modern it wasn't. get your facts right Flake.

If that was back in the 70's/ 80's when I was at school, I would have been infront of the head and got six of the best, then when I got home another crack off my mam and dad. No respect now the teachers can't punish them with the strap, did my generation no harm as we all accepted it. I cant believe a apology covers it.

you might have heard the expression the excpetion which proves the rule ernie.
Those kids who weren't deterred by corporal punishment now with hindsight have almost all ended up in prison !

This never happened in the 1980's now look back & think whats going wrong, political correctness is damaging the future, the teachers should be able to give them a good old clout. Kids today know that teachers can't do anything so they take advantage of that i wouldn't be a teacher for any sort of money i wouldn't wanna abused like that by children.


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