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What’s going on at Shaw baths?

Date online: 24 June 2014

SWIMMERS using Crompton pool remain in limbo over building’s future a month after its closure.

The pool, run by Oldham Community Leisure (OCL), was closed on May 6 after a fault was discovered in the hot water tank.

The leader of Oldham’s Liberal Democrats, Councillor Howard Sykes, is furious over the lack of information.

He said: “Both I and local users are very angry about this issue and the way we are being treated.

“It will soon be July and there is still no information about when it will be fixed — if it will be fixed — and when it will be open. It’s just not good enough.”

“I was promised some action by June but we’re still being kept in the dark. The council needs to get this much-needed facility open, and soon.”

The closure sparked fears that the pool, known locally as Shaw Baths, may never reopen since it is due to be closed permanently when the new £8 million Royton Pool and Leisure Centre opens next year.

OCL chief executive Stuart Lockwood said: “We are committed to keeping the pool open and are now assessing a repair option to ensure this happens.”


Typical delaying tactics, obviously all to do with cost. What they dont care about is the impact it is having on regular users particularly families with children who have lessons who are having to go well out of their way for an alternative venue. What option are you looking at? why werent they looked at a month ago?what are the timescales? be more specific!!!

Why don`t they use some of the Money Earmarked for Royton. I Doubt that very much!

It's always the same with oldham Council and Shaw.

We pay the 2nd highest amount of Council tax in the borough and get nothing back. Shaw is the forgotten town in Oldham Borough.

We're the only part of the Borough that has't got a new Health Centre, whilst some areas have 2.

We're the forgotten town.

It's time to go it alone, split from Oldham council, provide our own services, pay council tax that will be used for our advantage. At the minute we're getting no value for the money we pay.

Never mind. Sykes has got his MBE. Nobody knows why.
What did the LibDems' administration do for Shaw during their six years in control of the town? Absolutely nothing. Shaw has got far more under Labour than it ever did under the LibDems eg: a brand new Metrolink stop, improved parking and a new superstore. But you continue to vote LibDem. If you feel that Shaw is getting a bad deal, it's your local councillors who are to blame, but they will always whinge and pass the buck.


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