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Work starts on new Oldham sports centre

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 25 June 2014

Oldham Council leader Jim McMahon officially got work underway on Oldham’s new £15million flagship leisure centre - by taking the controls of a large digger!

The new centre, at the junction of Manchester Street and St Domingo Street, will include a swimming pool, learner pool, 80-station fitness studio, changing facilities, cafe and an eight-court sports hall.

Councillor McMahon said: “It’s exciting to see the diggers on the site after all the detailed planning and preparation.

“Local people have been waiting a long time for new facilities in Oldham and residents are beginning to see a number of ambitious developments taking shape — like the cinema-led complex at the old town hall. A new leisure facility for Oldham is an important piece of the regeneration jigsaw.”

The new sports centre is expected to attract regional competitions in some sports, even televised events. It will also act as a physical bridge linking Oldham College and the Sixth Form College.

The current Oldham Sports Centre, on Lord Street, will not close until the new one is complete — set to be autumn 2015 — to ensure there is no break in service.


could Jim and his team confirm which regional competitions and televised events they think this below par scheme will attract?

I can hazard a guess. none.

ombc have missed yet another opportunity to aim for something much more than other local authorities nearby.

all the new centre will be is more of "the same".

remember that this is a business too. if its below par it doesn't have the potential and therefore doesn't attract other to come to Oldham.

another failure in regenerating the town!

One small step - BACKWARDS!!

A smaller pool and no diving facilities is a disgrace.

New and shiny but less is less not more! This development has less facility for exercise than the current sports centre & a much larger capacity for spectator seating. Remembering in 2014 that Public Health England announced Oldham adults as the fattest in all Greater Manchester at the same time that Ukactive issued a report showing physical inactivity rates for UK adults with Oldham occupying a top 10 position.

Hope they build the pool the right size this time!!

is this why the council are not fixing shaw swimming pool 8 weeks closed still no date for when it will be open
cant even fix to have cold water in the gym

No diving pool, no squash courts.

More idiotic short sighted from McMahon and his crew.

Can we have the old one air lifted to Shaw please?

This is so frustrating! How can this be seen as a flagship centre when major facilities are being omitted? As I've said before, I'm 100% non-sporty so this has zero impact on my life but what's the point in doing half a job? None whatsoever. I am excited by many of the regeneration projects but this is a totally wasted opportunity to build a centre that would attract hundreds of sports enthusiasts from far and wide and bring major events to the borough. Please think again before it's too late!


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