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Plan unveiled to make death crossing safer

Reporter: Robbie Gill
Date online: 25 June 2014

A PLAN to upgrade safety at the road crossing in Shaw that has claimed two lives was confirmed to anxious locals last night.

Twelve-year-old Annalise Holt died on the Milnrow Road-Linney Lane crossing in December - on where 69-year-old Lynn Steele had died in an accident in January 2012.

The upgrade plan was revealed to residents at a packed meeting.

Police and CPS investigations continue. It is understood that if summonsed, the driver could face a charge of causing death by driving without due care.

Signals will now be installed at the junction to control both traffic and pedestrian movement. This was Oldham Council’s preferred option and should be completed by mid-September.

Almost two-thirds of the 163 people who commented on the options backed this choice of solution.

Councillor Mark Alcock said: “I welcome this. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get here because it’s such a big issue. This is my preferred option because it stops all the traffic.”

Oldham Council committed to a significant upgrade of the crossing in January, as part of a review of sites across the borough.


And this has taken how long?


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