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Intrusive media wrecked my life

Date published: 26 June 2014

THE father of David Foulkes, who died in the London “7/7” bombings, has criticised the media for wrecking his life.

His comments came on hearing that former News of the World editor Andy Coulson had been found guilty of conspiracy in the newspaper phone-hacking scandal.

Graham Foulkes (58) was visiting the capital for the first time since the Underground bombings in 2005.

Former Hulme pupil David (22) was among the 52 people killed in the attacks.

Of national newspapeer journalists, Mr Foulkes said: “They invaded our privacy and wrecked our lives. Preying on people in their darkest times. I’m delighted at the verdict. Andy Coulson was in charge at the time it was going on. Their linen has been washed in public and it sends a clear message to the media to get their act in order.”

David, from Austerlands, was killed at the Edgware Road tube station. The former Oldham Sixth-Form College student had recently started work in media sales.

Mr Foulkes added: “I never imagined I would be a target and I can’t believe people would do it.

“All the families made desperate phone calls that day. I can’t see how anyone could think it (hacking) was a good thing to do. It made our darkest days that little bit darker.

“There is no precedent for a case like this but I hope it includes a custodial sentence.”

Coulson is due to be sentenced tomorrow.


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