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Masked man in double shooting

Date published: 30 June 2014

A MASKED gunman shot two men as they sat in a car in St Mary’s last night.

The victims were in a Seat Leon on Radcliffe Road when they were approached by the man — described only as black and wearing dark clothing — at 10.20pm.

The gunman spoke to them both briefly before shooting them and making off on foot.

A 19-year-old man was taken to hospital for treatment to stomach injuries and a 20-year-old man for injuries to his buttocks.

Superintendent Denise Worth said: “We are at the very early stages of our investigation but believe this was a deliberate and targeted attack. While the injuries are very serious, we don’t believe they are life threatening. It is hugely fortunate neither has been killed.

“I would encourage anyone with information about what happened to call us in absolute confidence.

Anyone with information can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Drug's has to be something like that.

Every criminal who wants a gun has either got one, or can get one. Not just an ordinary pistol, but large calibre, machine guns and even hand grenades.
Partly thanks to the EU opening our borders to 'vibrancy'.
We now have an excuse for a police force, more interested in political correctness than crime, so don't expect any help from them.
As we move into a state of anarchy we need the law abiding to be able to protect themselves in their homes, and the time has come to allow firearms ownership.

People don't get shot for no reason! If you play with fire your gonna get burnt its a simple as that.

" Hi ho Silver , awaaay " , sorry poor taste I know but I couldn't resist it . Hope they recover and that the shooter is caught soon .

Oldham getting more like the ghetto on a daily basis. Drugs fights stabbings shootings.

great idea Flake@. guns on the NHS for everyone. That would put a stop to gun violence.

@Flake - where to even begin with your comment! I am assuming your reference to the opening of borders and 'vibrancy' is basically accusing immigrants of being behind gun crime which is outrageous. Last major shooting in this area was by a certain English chap called Dale Creegan! As for allowing gun ownership, that is the stupidest thing you have ever said and there's been a lot. Do you want this country to go the way of America? The police have driven gun crime down in this country

No chance of gun ownership in UK, far too many stupid people!
I don't mean that I am some high and mighty intellect, but a bit of common sense is lost in this country.

Look at dog ownership now, on dodgy ground if your dog attacks a burglar on your property.
All because some stupid people had several dogs heavier than a human and left them untrained, without exercise, and unsupervised with strangers and young children.
Lord no, don't give these people guns!!

Cowardly criminals wouldn't risk shooting at someone if they knew dozens of other gun owners were ready to shoot them if they tried .Most of the gun rampages in the states happen where the gun controls are the tightest and that's because no one is armed to oppose them except the police who are only minutes away when the seconds count.A bit like ours .

@johnprice - utter nonsense. Most gun rampages are because gun laws aren't tight enough so it is too easy for people to get their hands on weapons and most of time it's people who are under the legal age.

Oh Bramble you are silly !

Where do you think Dale Creegan obtained his arsenal of weapons from?
Yep that's right! They came from former Eastern bloc countries which joined the borderless EU.
This is well documented if only you could stop the knee jerk reaction to anything you disagree with, and stop & think for a moment!
Cregan is not the only criminal to have made use of this supply route, plenty of other criminals have done the same too.

@Flake - so using your logic it must mean before the EU introduced free movement there can't have been any weapons in the UK ever as it's all their fault. Wonder where the IRA got their weapons from? If someone with criminal intent wants a weapon they will get one but let's not let stand in the way of another ill judged criticism of the EU.


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