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Solicitorís licence suspended

Date published: 01 July 2014

A SOLICITOR from Saddleworth has had his licence suspended and his practice shut down by regulators.

Robert Andrew Schofield worked for Hilton Legal Business Ltd, based in Ball Grove, Uppermill, which was closed after an intervention by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) earlier this month on suspicion of dishonesty.

Intervention means the SRA has closed a firm with immediate effect, taking possession of all documents, papers and money held, including that of clients. The intervention has been challenged by the company.

The firm was set up in 2009 by David Clinch, sole shareholder and director of Hilton Legal Business Ltd, whose licence to practise has also been suspended.

A year ago, the business and assets of Hilton Legal were transferred into Hilton Legal Business Ltd.

Robert Schofield, the company’s former property consultant, was appointed a director of Hilton Legal Business Ltd but resigned in April 2013.

Mr Schofield, from Saddleworth, admitted to failing to comply with codes of conduct in 2013 while he was a consultant at Megsons LLP and was fined £6,000. His colleague Alan Cockburn, at Megsons, was subsequently removed from the Roll of Solicitors.

Neither solicitor was available for comment


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