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Tragic, brutal killing

Date published: 01 July 2014

YESTERDAY was the second time Paul O’Hara has been jailed for life.

He was locked up in 1998 after admitting the murder of Janine Waterworth in an alleyway in High Crompton — but released 14 years later.

In 1998 Manchester Crown Court heard how O’Hara had a personality disorder and was affected by drink, drugs and sleep deprivation at the time of Janine’s death.

Then living in Tennyson Street, Derker, O’Hara had attacked Janine as she walked to a bus stop on her way to work at 6.30am. Neighbours heard agonising screams and Janine was found in a pool of blood in the alley 400 yards from her parents’ home.

She had been stabbed a dozen times: O’Hara’s attack had stopped when the blade of his knife snapped off in her body.

Before his arrest a few hours later, he told relatives: “I think I have killed Janine. I can’t believe I’ve done it — I just lost it.”

The pair had lived in a flat and with one of his relatives before she went back to her parents. They continued to see each other, but split for good before the killing.

Jailing him, Judge Simon Fawcus told O’Hara: “This was a tragic and brutal killing — an absolute waste of a young life. The motive seems to be the oldest in the world — jealousy.”

O’Hara had a violent past with convictions for vehicle-related crime, burglary, robbery and assault.


What on earth is happening in our country.? with more and more cases like this, prisoners escaping whilst on shopping trips or in some case holiday jaunts.
Life should mean life and a minimum period set by the Judges or the Government with NO interference from the E.U....!!!

Quite clearly in his first offence he was never going to be fit to be released into society for at least 30 or more years, and in my opinion that should be the minimum period for offences of this nature, no parole, nothing.

Totally agree with Latics.

Right in one Latics. But just watch how many cases are bungled due to poor judges and CPS's who are coining it in on the back of bad policing and inadequate resourcing. It happens far too often and needs to be eradicated quickly - but we all know what that will take - money!


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