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Girls in knife mugging ordeal

Date published: 04 July 2014

POLICE are hunting a robber who threatened two girls with a knife in Chadderton.

The victims, both 16, were walking over the footbridge across the M60 from Long Lane to Semple Way late on Saturday night when the offender ran past, then stopped and blocked their path, produced a knife and demanded their personal belongings.

He took a brown Ted Baker bag with an image of a pug dog on each side, £35 cash, cards and other items. The second girl had her white iPhone 4s stolen. The thief ran off towards Long Lane. Neither girl was physically harmed.

The robber, in his late 20s, is white, 6ft tall and has a slim build and broad shoulders. He had a large square-shaped head and a sizeable nose, and was wearing a blue or grey jacket.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


scum scum scum scum scum scum utter...........scum

If only women were allowed to defend themselves with pepper sprays or tasers then this story would have had a different ending,after all criminals carry weapons to rob people with .Its about time people could carry something useful to counter the scumbags of the world .The cops carry all sorts but they are never there when you need them are they ?


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