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Singing away her troubles

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 04 July 2014

A BRAVE 10-year-old girl is determined to live her life to the full despite learning she has an inoperable brain tumour.

Katie McGann was a baby when doctors diagnosed a fluid build-up on her brain. Katie has undergone several operations to deal with the condition but a year ago she was also diagnosed with a slow-growing brain tumour.

The tumour cannot be surgically removed and Katie faces chemotherapy as her symptoms - including poor eyesight and memory loss - worsen.

But her proud mum Marie (36), from Lees, said Katie refuses to let her illness get her down.

She said: “She is a very determined girl who loves to sing at every opportunity. If she can turn a maths lesson into a singing lesson, she will!”

Katie’s school, St Edwards RC Primary in Lees, has shown its support with awareness and fundraising events.

Marie, an NHS human resources worker, added: “She’s just a typical little girl and refuses even to acknowledge the fact she isn’t well. She acts like it doesn’t even exist. The school has been fantastic with her.”


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