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Two on the run after fleeing jail

Date published: 07 July 2014

TWO Oldham men are on the run after escaping from Kirkham open prison in Blackpool together on Saturday.

Philip Stephenson (33) and Gareth Robinson (24) are believed to be somewhere in Oldham and Det Chief Insp John Mazzolai warned: “They are not to be approached by members of the public.”

It is thought they got into a silver Volkswagen Golf as they escaped from the prison and headed towards the borough.

Stephenson was serving a sentence for firearms offences and Robinson for burglary.

Det Chief Insp Mazzolai added: "Neither of these men has been seen since they escaped from prison on Saturday.

“If anyone sees them or knows of their whereabouts, please contact GMP on 101 immediately.

“If you would prefer to pass on information anonymously, then you can do this by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

"I would also like to remind people that if anyone is found to be assisting or harbouring these wanted men, they too will face being arrested and a possible prison sentence of their own.”


I bet they are at the pleasure beach ....


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