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Bookies staff are sacked after man fed dog-food pie

Date published: 07 July 2014

THREE people have been sacked from an Oldham William Hill branch after feeding a vulnerable customer a dog-food pie while others barked at him.

This disturbing act, carried out at the Huddersfield Road branch in Oldham, came to light over the weekend.

The victim who is a regular customer in the shop is well-known for placing very small bets at around 5p and often asks staff for food because he cannot afford any.

On this occasion staff obliged and the now former manager of the branch came up with the plan to mix Pedigree Chum in a meat and potato pie, and serve it to him on a plate with dog biscuits on the side.

Other customers were all in on the joke and shockingly barked at the man while he ate it and the manager later joked on the phone to a friend that he would soon have a “shiny coat”.

It is believed the following day she humiliated him again but this time she stirred dog food into an Uncle Ben’s snack pot before giving it to him.

Witnesses contacted the company to report the incident and an investigation was launched before CCTV footage which showed them discussing their plan was found.

It is believed that the manager was sacked in a disciplinary hearing for feeding dog food to the customer, while the more junior members of staff were dismissed for not reporting her.

A spokesman for William Hill said: “We were wholly disappointed and appalled by the incident.

“Appropriate action was taken with those involved and the case was reported to the police.”


He needs to get compensation from the manager that was sacked, and rightly so.

That is disgusting...
Not only should they be sacked they should be shamed and have their photos in paper so everyone can see what low lives they are.....
Dont they think the poor customer is down at the mo and they took advantage of that......

on reflection it seems that the gentleman is vulnerable something that the manager took advantage of,i just hope that future prospective employees take this into account and that she is soon in the doghouse at home when bills start mounting up..then again she could always wager a small bet to try and win some money

I am not often left speechless but this story has done just that . How can people treat other people this way , I am appalled ,whatever happen to compassion . Hopefully William Hill will provide a food hamper as a very small apology to this man on his next visit.

OMG!! Whats wrong with some people? They should be utterly ashamed of themselves!! So glad those responsible were reported.I hope they are never able to work with the general public again.

This is just plain sick, now the manager will know how it's like not to have much money now she's lost her job.

well done for sacking the perpetrators looks like all got there just deserts !

Disgraceful - those people should be ashamed of themselves!

Well done the Witnesses !

Well what i really would like to say i am afraid the chronicle would not print. So instead i will just call this lot who did this disgusting act to a vulnerable man " YOUR A BUNCH OF BRAIN DEAD MORONS"

Not content with exploiting their most vulnerable customers for quick financial gain, they now make sport out of their situation.

That is an absolute disgrace, and quite rightly she was sacked.

I wonder exactly how that excuse for a woman, sorry, ex-manager, would feel if someone had done that to a member of her family - the fact that he was vulnerable just makes matters worse!

William Hill should make some sort of gesture to this man, not only for the "food" he was fed, but also for the level of public humiliation which he has faced as a direct result of this incident.

Absolutely disgusting! You'd expect that to be employed in a job that involves handling large amounts of money and dealing with the general public you'd need to be reasonably intelligent and have good social skills, but this lot were the lowest of the low with the mentality of pack animals. The customers who were "in on the joke and barked at the man" should also be included in a police investigation as this was nothing short of a hate crime against a vulnerable person. Name and shame them all.

almost as bad as eating at the Towns take aways !!


Absolutely disgusting. Yes name and shame them as they are complete bullies. What is wrong with society these days that people can still be treated like this? The members of staff should be jailed then made to eat dog food, let's see how they would like it!

Surely there is room here for criminal charges to be brought, if the manager knowingly fed someone food "unfit for human consumption"

Someone needs to point the victim of this disgusting treatment in the direction of a good solicitor because I doubt very much that without one William Hill will offer any recompense.


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