Bookies staff are sacked after man fed dog-food pie

Date published: 07 July 2014

THREE people have been sacked from an Oldham William Hill branch after feeding a vulnerable customer a dog-food pie while others barked at him.

This disturbing act, carried out at the Huddersfield Road branch in Oldham, came to light over the weekend.

The victim who is a regular customer in the shop is well-known for placing very small bets at around 5p and often asks staff for food because he cannot afford any.

On this occasion staff obliged and the now former manager of the branch came up with the plan to mix Pedigree Chum in a meat and potato pie, and serve it to him on a plate with dog biscuits on the side.

Other customers were all in on the joke and shockingly barked at the man while he ate it and the manager later joked on the phone to a friend that he would soon have a “shiny coat”.

It is believed the following day she humiliated him again but this time she stirred dog food into an Uncle Ben’s snack pot before giving it to him.

Witnesses contacted the company to report the incident and an investigation was launched before CCTV footage which showed them discussing their plan was found.

It is believed that the manager was sacked in a disciplinary hearing for feeding dog food to the customer, while the more junior members of staff were dismissed for not reporting her.

A spokesman for William Hill said: “We were wholly disappointed and appalled by the incident.

“Appropriate action was taken with those involved and the case was reported to the police.”