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Drunk man jailed for attack on taxi driver

Date published: 07 July 2014

A DRUNK who attacked a taxi driver because he didn’t have money to pay his fare, has been jailed for eight months.

Daniel Drummond (23), from Shaw, repeatedly elbowed the 59-year-old in the face after being asked for the money he owed.

Drummond, who was armed with two knives, then got out of the vehicle and smashed the rear screen of the car in a fury.

Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court was told that later that night he was arrested by police after a friend had spotted him in a Royton street covered in blood.

Drummond, who pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a bladed article, assault, criminal damage, and making off without payment, was told the offences were so serious there was no alternative to immediate custody.

Caroline Patrick, defending, said her client had absolutely no recollection of his “appalling” behaviour, and was genuinely remorseful and embarrassed.

She said he had been struggling to find work, then been offered a job only to be told the offer had been withdrawn.

She said: “He went on a drinking binge to drown his sorrows in alcohol, which led to what happened.”

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Many times I have been drunk, but I have never behaved in that manner. Oh woe is me, I had to drown my sorrows, will he be paying for his fare and the damage to the taxi....I think not, scum.


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