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Family manís child sex shame

Date published: 08 July 2014

A DELIVERY driver who subjected a highly vulnerable young girl to a vile sexual assault, has been jailed for five years.

Family man Khawaja Iqbal who himself has a disabled daughter of the same age, drove his 12-year-old victim to a secluded spot late at night, where he carried out the attack.

The youngster, who at the time was described as suffering from stress and was “extremely troubled”, was said to have experienced severe psychological harm to the point of having regular flash-backs.

Iqbal (41), of Whinestone Way, Chadderton, was brought to justice following the tenacious efforts of Greater Manchester Police.

Iqbal’s car — but not the registration — was captured on CCTV, but painstaking work to identify it narrowed the search to 192 Nissan Micras, registered in the area.

Various inquiries were conducted and the owners of 21 of those vehicles — including Iqbal — were located and interviewed.

He was subsequently forensically linked to the crime using DNA evidence. The girl who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had been resident in a care home, but had walked out following a row.

Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court was told that Iqbal had pinned the terrified girl against the side of his car, removed her lower clothing along with some of his own, and subjected her to simulated sex.

Sentencing him, judge Leslie Hull told him: “What you did had a significant impact on this young girl. She was already experiencing traumatic stress syndrome and this incident at your hands consolidated those problems within her”.

Mohammed Nawaz, defending, said his client’s behaviour could only be described as “shocking and disgraceful” and he was utterly ashamed at what he had done.

He added: “To risk all by what he did, beggars belief.”
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NOT ENOUGH...... out in less than 3 years most likely

horrible man.

five years for what he did is disgustingly lenient. it should be reviewed and increased. no mention of this animal signing the sex offenders register.

Lets get this right!! this is not a "SEX SHAME" this animal is a PAEDOPHILE and its completely ridiculous to call him a family man as it makes no difference. leave him to ROT!!!!!

This type of offence is particularly sickening. The modus operandi similar to the many recently jailed grooming gangs and probably just the tip of the iceberg

Do these men have no shame.Whats the betting this was a white child?

Castrate the filthy perv .

I appreciate the anger felt by the people posting on this issue, but please could you stop using the word "animal" in a pejorative manner.

Sorry!? FIVE years!? Out in 2 1/2 years. NOT ENOUGH.

Yes I agree Shaun@ 'animal' is showing more respect to this man than he deserves.


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