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What a relief!

Date published: 09 July 2014

DELIGHTED bowlers can spend a penny in style once again thanks to the revamped toilet block at High Crompton Park.

The Chronicle reported on the bowlers dismay two months ago when Oldham Council condemned and closed the toilets at the Rochdale Road park.

They were offered the chance to use the facilities at the near-by North Star pub but members said it was too far for them to walk during matches.

Bowlers feared they had lost their chance to host a prestigious tournament due to lack of working toilets.

But their despair turned to joy when Oldham Council agreed to fix the leaking roof and reopen the toilets.

Former women’s secretary Joan Leech said: “We are extremely grateful to have the toilets working again and we are still hosting the tournament later this month.

“The leak is fixed and we have given the toilets a good clean and a fresh coat of paint.

“A park warden will clean them once a week and we will have to keep on top of it in between.

“The park will be very busy over the summer and it would have been a shame if people were put off by the lack of working toilets.”


Well done Dave and Joan and all at HCBC.


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