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Duo’s song is straight from the heart

Date published: 09 July 2014

A HEARTFELT song inspired by a brave cancer battle will now be heard by more people.

Moorside’s Callum Dalloway (21) and Pauline Rigby (34) penned and produced the track “Run Together”, which has now been recorded professionally and is available on iTunes.

The pair, both of Mollis Grove, are firm friends and when Pauline confided in Callum that her cousin Dawn Craddock had been diagnosed with terminal secondary breast cancer in her lungs and liver, the talented songwriter decided to convey his friend’s emotions in a song.

When she read the lyrics, Pauline was so touched that she offered to sing on the track — and they set about producing the song from Callum’s bedroom.

They sent it off to Cancer Research and were delighted to discover that the charity loved it so much that it played the song to the crowd before the two 5km races at last year’s Race for Life event. Sales of the CD raised £3,000 for the charity.

Songwriter Callum, who is studying music in Manchester, said: “Writing it was something I really enjoyed. I could hear Pauline singing it in my head. It was quite emotional because you end up thinking about people you know.

“I was trying to get in to that mindset of what do you say to somebody when they hear they have been diagnosed with cancer. The idea was that I will be there for you.

“When I played the song to other people they said it’s personal but not so personal that it can’t be for anyone. “

The song “Run Together” is available to purchase from iTunes.
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