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Now itís summer of discontent

Date published: 09 July 2014

SCHOOLS and libraries across Oldham will be closed tomorrow as public-sector workers stage their biggest strike in years.

Members of Unison, GMB, Unite, the National Union of Teachers, the Public and Commercial Services Union and the Fire Brigade Union will walk out for the day to protest about low pay and salary freezes.

Some schools will completely close for the day while others will be open to certain year groups.

Parents are advised to check on the school’s website to see if their children can attend tomorrow.

There will be no bin collections tomorrow, affecting Coppice, Werneth and Hollinwood for grey, blue and green bins and Failsworth for brown and green bin collections. Extra waste will be picked up on the next collection date.

Access Oldham and the Contact Centre — which are both based at the Civic Centre — will open as usual as will parks and cemeteries, leisure centres, Lifelong Learning Centres and district town halls.

Children’s day-care centres Beaver, Spring Meadows and First Steps will be open as normal as will all children’s centres, with the exception of Stanley Road.

Social care services will be unaffected with the exception of Chadderton Park Wellbeing Centre, Ena Hughes Day Centre and Willow House Day Centre which will be closed.

Oldham Library will be open 9am-7pm but all other libraries will be closed. Gallery Oldham will also be shut.

A council spokesperson said: “Oldham Council is working hard to mitigate the impact of national industrial action tacking place on Thursday. Oldham Council respects an employee’s right to strike and is making every effort to minimise the impact on services to residents.

“Our focus is on ensuring the continuation of life-and-limb services, such as vital home and social-care visits.

“We will also keep residents informed about the potential impact of the strike through our social media on Twitter and Facebook.”

Visit www.oldham.gov.uk/strike to find out more.
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Yet again union members not giving a damn about the rest of the population.

These people want to get in the real world. Why should they get pay rises when no one else is. If they don't like the pay look for another job and stop moaning and causing disruption to everyone else.

Can not beleive they are striking again...
they take the job on with the pay they are offered so why moan later on..
there is lots of people that work for minimum wage and just get on with it...
If you don`t want the job for the wage it pays let someone else have it..

so sorry you all think you deserve more than everyone else.

except for fire fighters none of the rest deserve anything

Not everyone uses the food waste bins they put it into the general rubbish bins along with dirty nappies in hot weather could be very smelly

Maybe you should all do some more research and you would see the majority of public sector workers have actually had pay cuts due to frozen pay, cost of living wages way below inflation, having to take unpaid leave etc. The public sector is paying the price for an economic problem caused by the private sector. Mass job losses and pay cuts. Be honest, would you be happy to sit there and simply accept it?

@heandshe - your point would be valid if people were kept on the terms they accepted a job at. Instead they see pay reduced and using firefighters as an example are now told they have to work longer than they thought, pay more in to their pensions than they thought and will get less out. Why is it ok to change the terms of a contract without agreement? Would you honestly want a bunch of 65 year old fireman trying to rescue you if you were trapped?

Public sector workers are clueless to the economic realities in the private sector. It's high time the public sector gravy train was brought in line with the private sector. They seem to forget that it's the rest of us paying for their inflated salaries and pensions. We all know and encounter them on a daily basis and in my experience they are generally lazy and unhelpful, Bin Men, Nurses and Doctor's Receptionists in particular. If you don't like the job get another the immigrants will do yours

Alfie Moore a former police officer turned comedian joked this week on Radio 4 that the public doesn't have to think about the things police officers have to think about every day such as whether to retire early or work on and retire at 48. The joke is on us tax payers. There are four police forces in England and Wales which are paying more to the "retired" than to front line serving officers. This is the economics of the mad house.

Bramble, for decades the majority of Public sector workers have had an easy ride. I for one am happy for the Government to give it a good shake up. No private company could ever survive with the way the Council operates. Lets get our monies worth I say. Have we not all been told we have to work longer than we thought? Should the Public sector be exempt? Would all firefighters be 65 at the same time? Nonsense Bramble.

Mandinka. i am sick of hearing how everybody else " pays for my wage and pension " I pay tax , I have payed a large amount into my pension scheme for the last 16 years , so don't tell me that YOU pay for my wage because if the fact that you pay tax makes you think that you are responsible for my wage I'm afraid I've contributed just as much if not more than you.Get real and don't be jealous just because we can stand together and fight for what we think is wright.

Onlyme, I DO pay your wages, literally. The tax and pension contribution you pay is out of the salary you enjoy which is paid for by private sector taxes, which is me and millions like me. I doubt you have contributed as much as me, I have regularly paid over £5000 per month in income tax, yes, per month. Jealous? No.

Mandinka - if that's true and you pay £5,000 in tax each month you would be earning in excess of £150,000 per year and for someone in that position to have such a poor understanding of public sector finance and such disrespect for people like nurses etc just seems a bit untrue! Can't imagine anyone could employ somebody so rude and with no grasp of real life. What do you think public sector taxes pay for?? All the national services you use. Typically moronic comment

@timberwolf - easy ride? What about all the bankers in the private sector who have, and still do, get away with getting paid huge amounts of money for negligence? A lot of your taxes will be going to majority state owned banks who still haven't paid back what was given to them in the bail out but continue to pay millions in bonuses. Same old joke to blame the public sector. Answer this simple question, would you simply accept it if you were told your contract was changing for the worst?


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