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A step too far

Date published: 09 July 2014

A DISABLED 13-year-old girl’s independence has been snatched away after the walking frame she relies on was swiped from her doorstep.

Ellen Godfrey, who attends Newbridge School in Hollinwood, has cerebral palsy and needs a frame to stand upright and walk. Without it, she is confined to a wheelchair.

The cold-hearted theft happened when Ellen’s mum Marie-Ann Godfrey put the frame outside their home on Long Lane, Chadderton, ready for Ellen to go to school. However, the pair were left shocked and disgusted to find that just 45 minutes later it was gone.

Mrs Godfrey said: “It’s shocking. Ellen needs the frame every day to get to and from places.

“Whoever took it has taken her independence away. Not having the frame really limits what she can do on her own.

“Thankfully, Ellen’s school had a spare frame she can use when she’s there but when she leaves for the day she has to get into a wheelchair.”

Police, who only released details of the incident yesterday, are now investigating the appalling theft which took place between 7.30 and 8.15am on Wednesday, July 2, and are appealing for anyone with any information to come forward.

Officers are also making inquiries at local scrap yards to see if they have been offered the walking aid following a spate of non-legitimate scrap-metal companies in the area taking items without consent.

Anyone with information should call police on the non-emergency 101 hotline or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800-555 111.
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This is just wrong on so many levels.
Some people are evil.
I also had an item removed from my premises without my permission last month.
The police need to crack down on these 'unlicensed' scrap merchants.

Unbelievable, it’s quite obvious what the frame is, so why would anyone want to steel it knowing it’s going to cause heartache, distress and danger for the owner. How can people sleep at night.

What a despicable act. Catch them and birch them then send them to prison with hard labour .

scum should be ashemed of them self.

words fail me

Almost certainly this has been taken for scrap. I've seen these modern rag & bone men often nipping into peoples gardens for things which they can weigh in.
A tour around the local scrap dealers with a photo might be fruitful, and don't leave any kind of valuables outside unattended as it's an inevitability someone will steal it sooner or later.

What is society coming to? Unless an item is bolted down people feel it is their right to just take it. I hope this thief has a conscience and returns the frame. Good luck Ellen on getting a replacement, if I had the money I would buy you a new one, sorry I'm unable to.

Scrap metal companies are these the same ones plaguing all if Oldham pushing prams collecting anything in the garden deffo they have took it while enhancing our community

Just when you think you have read it all, then an unbelievable story like this comes along.....what has happened to the moral compass of some people if they think stealing this is acceptable. This story along with the William Hill "piegate" and the idiot from Shaw with 2 knives, no money, a belly full of beer assaulting a taxi driver trying to earn a living makes me so angry with the way society has gone.
If the Chron would like to start a fund to replace the frame, I would gladly donate £50!!!

As with mikejh45 I will also pledge some money. come on readers lets get it on.

Everyday several untidy looking vans of various makes trundle around our avenue full of untidy looking people from various parts of the world, they take any unwanted items of scrap that are left out and some that aren't but how with all these new controls on scrap dealers are they getting rid of it, obviously there are some shady dealers still out there this is where the police should be looking they can't be that hard to find they obviously have a large pile of scrap around them.


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